A sob story

The week had been hectic with Kiddo starting nursery school on Wednesday. Am back to managing cooking, getting him to school on time and doing my work.

Surprisingly, he has taken to school lovingly. Even though we are in the settling in period and I have to wait back with him, he hasn’t cried yet and is enjoying playing. Phew! That is one job done. However there is no guarantee that he won’t bawl the next time I leave him there.

Just when I was feeling relieved that kiddo is adjusting well in school, this had to happen. Kiddo and I were returning home from school on Friday and I was thanking my lucky stars for his good behaviour. And when I got down from the bus at my stop at around 10:15 am, I realised something amiss. I checked my pockets for my cell phone and realised it wasn’t there!

10:16: Panic!!
Check pockets again. Look back disbelievingly at the bus!
10:17: Shit! What will my pappa say?! Cold sweat all over the body in this cold weather. This never happens to me. How can this happen to me?
10:18: Frantically search all the pockets of the jacket, sweater, jeans! Shit! This cannot be happening. Disbelief at what has happened and dread at what will happen now?!?
10:19: Realise that kiddo is standing next to me and looking confused and I shouldn’t swear! Search pockets again. And again.
10:20: Holding back my tears now and walking towards the house. Cursing myself in my head. What an idiot!
10:21: Need to let hubby know what a moron his wife is! Search pockets again to call hubby. Realise once again I  just lost my phone! Mentally bawl loudly. Stare at kiddo as if he would miraculously hand over my phone.
10:22: Curse myself! What an idiot I am! What will dad say? How will I get my phone back? Will someone return deposit it in the lost and found dept? What will dad say? What should I do? I need to tell hubby. Shit but I just lost my phone! How can I tell him. Kiddo looking confused all this time. Finally he says, dad will get you a new phone, don’t cry! My sweet bachcha! Awwww Oh no my phone
10:23: Reached home. Start crying loudly. Walk towards hubby who is working on his laptop and talking to someone from office. Continue crying silently.
10:30: Hubby is finally off the phone. I tell him in between sobs that I lost my cell phone. He starts laughing out loudly. Yeah, well, he has been there many times, lost his phone before, shoes, and I don’t know what else.
After some time: Stop crying but keep groaning and moaning at regular intervals. 😦 Start ranting. This never happens to me. I have never lost a single thing in my entire life. Take out the two bus tickets and show it to hubby .. see I even got the bus tickets. I didn’t lose them. How could I lose the phone? Why is this happening to me?? All the while, kiddo keeps reassuring me that dad will buy me a new phone. Ahh such innocent childhood.

Hubby calls on my phone. Some kind-hearted passenger on the bus answers it and tells him that he is handing it over to the bus driver. Bless that soul! Then I log on to the bus site and fill up a customer support form to inform them that I lost my phone and please would they be kind enough to let me know if they found it.

With my continuing rants and groans, hubby decides to visit the lost and found dept. to ask about my phone. They tell him that they haven’t got it yet and chances are they will get it late at night on Friday or  on Monday morning.

This is heart wrenching. 😦 How can the dept. be close on weekends? What if someone has lost something really really important and needs it over the weekend. Hubby tells me that if something is so important then one shouldn’t lose it. Then he goes on a mini lecture about data security and what all can go wrong if my phone falls into wrong hands. I should have really thought it through before marrying an information security guy! 😦

Evening: After a glass of wine or two: Rant again, cry, wail, sob…start singing… yeh kya hua, kaise hua….kya se kya ho gaya…yeh dard bhara afasaana…

Saturday: same story…rant, sigh, groan..feel dejected and walk around like a zombie!

Now: Sunday morning: same thing…what did you think? Another 24 hours to go before I go to their office and haunt them!

Pray for me all you readers.


Updated to add, Wed, 31st Oct, 2012: Got my phone back on Monday morning safe and sound and in one piece for the price of 2 pounds. But that’s nothing eh? What would have been a nightmare in India was a cakewalk here! 🙂 Thank you readers for all your prayers!

15 thoughts on “A sob story

  1. Tight Hugs Maddie…I am sorry to hear about the painful state you are in.
    Sending lots of prayers and best wishes for the phone to reach you safe and fine soon.

  2. C. D. Pradhan

    Shanicharko jee jaanse Shanidev ki aradhana ki kya. Phir to jarur khoya hua phone mil jayega. Baba Maharaj pe ek red wine ki bottle chadhaneko no bhulna. Cheers Maddie lllll

  3. You will get it, don’t worry. I have heard worse stories about people going back 60 miles to get their phones which they accidentaly left on a petrol pump. 🙂
    Don’t worry.

  4. Ajit Pradhan

    Some times it is good to loose old things so that forcibly you have to by a new one. Anyway one has to keep on changing at least things like cellphone.

      1. Ajit Pradhan

        At last u got a six month old cell phone instead of buying a new one. Its great. Now take care of the cell phone as if it is your family member.

  5. That sucks…is it Monday now? Hope you have got it back by now!! I realised the other day too that if I lost my phone or if someone stole it, it’s going to be a pain changing all my passwords for so many accounts. A lot harder losing phones these days than the basic ones of years gone by. Fingers crossed you get yours back!!

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