Let me first start by saying that iPad is not a good substitute for the good old laptop. I find it really difficult to type without the actual keys. Does anyone else agree?

Now for some updates. I got my mobile phone at the lost and found office of the bus service. What a relief!

And then the chicken pox struck. Had been down with it for the last couple of weeks but much better now.

In other news the kiddo has been crying all day at school This past week. He is all enthusiastic about going to school after he comes back. But the next morning he start crying in bed itself even before opening his eyes. Hopefully things will get better on that front.

Staying in bed all day gave me enough time to read to my heart’s content and I would soon be posting some reviews. There’s one other thing on my mind but will write about that when I heave more concrete information.


6 thoughts on “Update

  1. Smita

    I am so sorry!!!
    I am so sorry!!!
    I am so sorry!!!
    I am so sorry!!!
    I am so sorry!!!

    I did not reply to your tweet, just that I saw and thought will reply in a while and that time never came 😦 seriously sorry!!!

    Good to know that u are better and though I have never used an I Pad but I know what u r saying…I never even tried using my hubby’s Tab! It looks unconmfortable!!!

    So what all did u read?

    Just ask ur son if anything or anyone is irritating him at school?

    1. Maddie Post author

      No problem, no problem, no problem! Don’t sweat it. I am much better now. I really found the tablet pretty uncomfortable.

      I read a couple of mystery books and JK Rowling’s The casual vacancy!! 🙂


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