About me

I thought it’s about time that I edited this page and filled it up with words of my own, since it’s the only page that’s been viewed the most. So am just a gal next door who likes to reveal about her life in this space.

I love listening to music, especially old Hindi movie songs sung by Lata Mangeshkar. I wouldn’t go into the patent; am a total fan of hers coz it’s been said just too many times. But listening to her songs takes me on a completely different plane where it feels very calm and tranquil. I also like to listen to Mehdi Hassan and Ghulam Ali. Ya, I am orthodox and live in the first half of the century when it comes to songs and music.

I am a procrastinator. This is clearly visible since I am updating this page now after such a long time! I would procrastinate till the last minute possible or when I think that I would be getting a nice firing from someone unless I do the thing.

I like to read but more than that I like to buy books. Probably it’s the idea of reading that I like. From devouring Mills & Boons and Agatha Christie, I am now inclined to read literature.

Most of the time, I let life take decisions for me, which won’t always turn out to be the best but I live with it.

I like to travel. Specially the Sahyadris. Travelling in the mountains is a totally different experience and nothing can top it when I am travelling in the train or a bus with hills by my side. Even the Himalayas are a wonderful place to travel to.

I can be pretty staunch and orthodox when it comes to certain things but am trying to get over it and let myself be flexible. My friends feel that I should have been born in a previous generation.

I can spend hours at the computer or in front of the TV. I will keep browsing sites and blogs on the net and watch any stupid serial on the TV

Well, that’s all I can think of about myself right now!

Updated to add (June 2011): I have been living in Edinburgh, Scotland since June 2010 and this has been the best adventure so far. I have a son who’s just turned two and most of my time is spent running behind him.

Updated to add (Jan 2015): It’s been 4 years living in Edinburgh and I am enjoying every moment of it. The kiddo is 5 and has started primary school here. I have stopped all the stupid serials and now it’s just movies and books.

You can contact me at wordingmythoughts[at]gmail[dot]com

13 thoughts on “About me

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  2. Hi Maddie,
    I can’t express it in words how similar you are to me (based on the information I gathered from your About page) 😀
    I am glad to have come across your blog and will be reading more from you to know you better 🙂
    Keep writing!

      1. Hello hello My Era and Maddie!

        I have met My Era on my blog earlier. Stumbled on Maddie’s blog from Bikram’s post. It is great to know you guys. Looking forward to reading more on your blog Maddie. I am gonna be a regular visitor now 🙂

    1. Hi Shona,

      Thank you for visiting my blog and glad you like it. I absolutely loved Teatime for the Firefly. However, am supposed to publish my review around the time of the book’s publication date. It was a delightful experience though reading this book. It was witty, funny, heart-warming, complex, layered and colourful. At one point I felt I was reading through Ruskin Bond! I have recommended it to many of my friends and other bloggers!

  3. Thanks much, you made my day! If you know of any Book Clubs who want to do a Q & A (via Skype or otherwise) let me know. I will get some forum discussions going as well and keep you in the loop. Happy weekend to you.

  4. Hey Maddie,

    We’re soon nearing the end of this year and stepping onto 2015. A lot happened across the blogosphere this year; I was amused to catch up on so many new events when I opened my Reader after a long hibernation. The beginning of this year and the last saw a bunch of us bloggers participating in a month long marathon. It was fun, crazy, exciting, hectic and absolutely insane. I thought we must continue with the tradition in the upcoming year as well. Would you like to join the madness this time too? Please drop me an email if you are interested at kamathseema1@gmail.com


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