Day 21: Sleepy tales

I missed a day. It wasn’t that I had nothing to write, I have so many thoughts going on in my head that I find it hard to pick one and make a coherent post out of it.

And I have been losing sleep for the past couple of days. The big happening thing right now is that kiddo has started sleeping in a separate room all on his own…. hai my bachcha is growing up and I am having a hard time adjusting to it. Hubby spent a sleepless first night and kept checking on him every few hours. The second night it was my turn – woke up a few times to check up on him. Though he was deep in slumber land, I worried myself thinking he might fall down or choke or whatever!

Kiddo is very happy though. We have put up Christmas lights in his room instead of a small night lamp and there’s a rack there decked up with his toys and cars. It’s all very cozy and festive in there and the lightening Mcqueen duvet cover helps in tucking him in.

This is the third night now…hope I get some sleep!

The day I had a heart attack

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I obviously survived it since am here to tell the tale.

You somehow know it when the time comes. It happened yesterday afternoon. After two weeks of having “me time” while kiddo slept, yesterday I finally gave in to the temptation and decided to nap with my son. Loaded with an entire week’s tiredness, I fell into deep slumber the moment my head hit the bedpost pillow.

It must be after about an hour’s sleep that I felt heaviness in my chest. I dismissed it from my mind and went on dreaming about paani puris and vada paavs that I am missing here. But the pressure only kept increasing. 

Suddenly I found it hard to breathe. I started sweating in my sleep. I found it hard to wake up maybe due to excessive hogging. Alarm bells sounded in my head and I wondered how would I contact my husband and who would take care of the kiddo till that time.

I had also become immobile. I was not able to shift to my side, nor raise my hands. Was it a paralysis attack? I shuddered in my sleep.

When I got a tight slap across my right cheek I let out a contended sigh imagining it must be the emergency medical team who had come to my rescue miraculously. Afterall it’s UK, must take much less time to travel than in Mumbai. Someone from the team must have slapped me wake me up. They must be using some emergency medical procedures on me to restore circulation of oxygen and blood to my system.

I would be alright again in some time. I sent up a silent prayer. Somehow I couldn’t hear any commotion. Isn’t there like a whole big team coming across in such situations?

Only after the second resounding slap across my right cheek again, did I open my eyes to see Shantanu sitting on my chest with his hand raised to slap me again. 🙂


A vicious savage-looking woman (much like Mr. Rochester’s wife in Jane Eyre) raised her ugly dull head and smiled wickedly at me. Her dentures peeped eagerly from behind her lips that had more cracks than an old door. I was scared to death.

Her eyes were very violent and she looked at me as if she wanted to kill me. If only looks could kill, I would be a dead moth.

I stood there, struck. I couldn’t run. She enslaved me with her looks. She pursed her lips and again smiled wickedly at me. I gulped down some air. I could feel the sweat running down my spine. Or was it a chill?

If only I could call out for help. But alas! I had to endure this. An obligation to be borne repeatedly with the same gruelling pain.

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I panicked when she raised her hand. I thought she was going to strike me. I wondered what kind of weapon she would use this time.

She caressed my face. Her fat wrinkled hand was cold. I wondered whether she had liquid poison on her hand that would enter my skin when she touched me.

When she opened her mouth, I was sure fire would blow out of it.

Instead, she asked maliciously, “Maddie, I hope your health is fine?”

It sounded much like, “Maddie, I wish you were dead.”

I mumbled “Fine” and the spell was broken. I ran for my life.

I had a dream.
A very scary dream.
A nightmare.

Me and my son

At a mere age of two months, my son is very obedient and understanding. No, am serious!

He has been following an irregularly regular sleep cycle. So now, we try to gauge what time this bundle would fall asleep at night. The usual is  anywhere between 2:30 am to 3:30 am. But recently, I have found a change. I complain and blabber the next day when he sleeps very very late at night. And he seems to understand it somehow, coz that very day he will sleep early and peacefully.

He has developed this habit of proving me wrong at every instance. When someone comes to visit, I proudly tell them his habits and anecdotes and right then he proves me wrong. Just today my mum’s friends visited. He was sleeping in my arms. They said, “wow, it’s a relief that he has slept. Now you can get some rest too.” I jumped to tell them that no, he will wake up the moment I put him down on his bed. And I did just that to demonstrate how much I know him being his mother. But he didn’t wake up when I put him down. In fact he went to sleep for the next half an hour – the entire time they were there! I don’t know my son!!! 😦


My current condition…

funny pictures of cats with captions

Sleep is really a thing of the past right now. I manage to catch my forty winks whenever the baby allows me to. It doesn’t last more than two hours at a time. And just within 15 days I have got so used to it that I wake up after about two hours as if my body and mind have an internal alarm of its own.

The baby is doing fine… growing beautifuler and fuller by the day. Thank got for the rains, sleeping peacefully would become a bit more easy. With the arrival of the monsoon he’s sleeping more. I am so tempted to put up his photos and videos here but…. in time maybe…

After talking with the pandit, he said we need to name the baby from the letter T! Think about it! T as in Tiger and not Tanmay! Is there a single decent modern name out there starting from the letter T? I thought of Tulip but hubby says it suits a girl better than a boy. Then he thought of Topaz but himself discarded it. Now I don’t think that’s too bad.. is it?

On a different note, it was a wrong time to put up my CV on I did it a week before the baby was born. And now I get at least two calls a day from reputable companies offering me the dream job. Only that I cannot join right now and obviously cannot move to different locations. Otherwise there’s nothing wrong with the job offers. 😦 Bad timing!