Life in the times of the coronavirus

The weather is beautiful. It is bright and sunny. Spring has sprung. I am feeling better as I am on two weeks of annual leave. Not in isolation; I had to take the leave or let it go waste.

So here I am at home cooking meals twice a day, putting up freshly cooked food on the table, for the husband and son who are also at home.

Last week has seen me go out every day for a walk. My 60 minutes of exercise. The benefits of this exercise as clear. It has lifted the fog off my mind. Walking outdoors is so much better. After the first few minutes of getting adjusted to the cold air, breeze, I can feel the freshness of the air. I can feel the muscles in my leg working, my breath deepening.

I notice things along the canal. The daffodils have bloomed. The ducks have braved their way out of the water and are relaxing on the pathway. The crocuses – oh the lovely crocuses all vibrant in their violets, yellows and whites!








In my mind, am singing songs. The first one, although a beautiful song, is a sad old tune. By the time I am on my way back home, I have this bouncy uplifting tune in my head. I haven’t thought about this one in a long time. It brings back memories of when I first heard it, when my grandmother explained it to me meaning and tune all. There’s a spring in my step and a smile on my lips.

My son is alright through this whole things, I hope. He watches the news, is concerned. I try to create a routine for him but nothing sticks. I wish he would come out with me on the walk but he prefers playing at home. On the second day of homeschooling, he tells me he want to go back to school. He has taken an active interest in cooking.

Social media has been the source of relief and agony. There is everything from fake news to lists of activities to do at home. Loads of resources to try at home – learning, art, crafts, cooking, exercising. Information overload. It is an exercise in itself.

When I wake up in the morning, the day is open with possibilities. I can go for a walk, I can cook, I can spend a few hours reading the new book. I can write my letters, binge watch TV, do the things I always wanted to do. I have the time to do the extra things.

I have spoken to friends I wasn’t in touch with for long. I have texted and called and emailed. I have written letters.

The future is uncertain, uncharted. Now is the time to reflect. It is time to think, how big we are as a human race, what our actions have been and the impact we have had on this planet. Nature has put us in this spot now. We didn’t ask for it, we didn’t volunteer, we just had to stop. In the coming months, we shall establish a new way of life, a new normal which shall make us think before acting. When we get on the other side of it, we will hopefully emerge stronger and more reflective of our actions.

In Scarlett O Hara’s words, I won’t think about it today. I will think about it tomorrow. After all tomorrow is another day.

On negativity and negative people

Most of the times, people don’t realise that their words uttered in innocence can hurt other people and affect their esteem. I, being a victim of this many times know how draining this can be physically and emotionally. Instead of ranting on about a recent experience, let me write down some coping mechanisms:

It is easy to blame ourselves and get into the same old cycle of guilt, blames, anger and no results. Instead of blaming  yourself for all the guilt and pessimism, you need to identify that negativity is coming from the other person. It doesn’t origin in our minds. You need to identify that this isn’t a one time experience and that something is off and perhaps someone is subtly manipulating you and not being honest with you. Identify this negative behaviour.

Do not try to make these people see their error and ill ways. There is no point in doing battle. By fighting them, you only give them more attention and more value in your life. These people want our energetic resources and the more we dwell on them, the more they receive what they want. We do not have to fight them in order to ‘help’ them as they do not need our help.

Keep your thoughts in check when you encounter situations created by negative people. Our thoughts usually run around these lines, “I can’t believe he/she did this to me! How unfair this is to me. How could she lie to me like that? I will show him. I will say this to him..blah blah..because that is what she deserves. Or maybe I will not talk to her anymore..that will show her” and so on. You see how much mental energy we are sending them?

The solution is not easy. We need some mental discipline. Try to stop those thought patterns. Get out of that situation, location, place. A change in surroundings can drastically change your thoughts and perceptions about a negative situation.

Stop dwelling on these people long after the events as that will turn out to be a true obstacle. If we keep thinking about them all the time then these people become a negative force in our life. Try to turn your thoughts towards positive things and towards what brings you joy.

The energy we send them makes negative people thrive. Stop sending them energy. You may find that the negativity may initially increase to regain our attention. Don’t give up even if it may seem difficult and the negativity will subside and eventually cease. Negative people disappear of their own when we stop giving them attention.

We all have negative people in our lives, bosses, subordinates, relatives etc. If we focus on them, we will send them more energy and they will have more power over you. Try not to let them affect your happiness and joy. They only have power because we send them the energy to feed their negativity. If we stop doing that, they will have no control over us.

How you resolve a situation is always up to you. Direct your energy towards something else, your job, your kids, your spouse, your hobbies.  Once you have set the aim, the universe will conspire to assist you in it.

Sometimes we have no idea how to resolve a situation. If this is a family member then we can definitely not walk away. However, miraculous things happen when we focus on the solution.

visualise what you want to happen. The power of visualisation is amazing. Send your energies towards this positive visualisation and things might just come out in the way you want them to. Surround yourself with things and people who bring you joy and distance yourself from the negativity of these people.

Blog, rant out, let your energies out by helping other people. 🙂