Day 16: Dad and I

On a saturday few weeks ago, I was having the perfect morning. I had got up late and was browsing blogs and sites while sipping coffee. Just then I saw my dad online on Skype.

When my dad is on the computer, there is usually some music playing in the background. Love for music is something that runs in the family – especially old hindi movie songs and ghazals.

This morning was no different. As soon as the call connected, I heard one of Mehdi Hassan’s song playing at a high volume. I hadn’t heard this one in a long time. Relaxed as I was, I tried to remember when I had last heard it but couldn’t grasp any memory of it. The tune sounded familiar, I was sure I had heard it before or something similar to it.

I finally gave up and said, “This song sounds familiar, isn’t the tune similar to some ghazal or some other song that I might have heard? I’m sure I have heard something like this before. It definitely resembles some song.” “Yes” he nodded gravely, “It resembles this song itself.” We both cracked up after that. Once we had stopped laughing he assured me that there is no other song or ghazal with the same tune and since I hadn’t heard it in a long long time, I couldn’t quite place it.

Day 15: Surviving the winds

With nothing to write, I shall discuss the weather as the English do. We have winds of 60-70 mph here. Another bad day. We left for school a few minutes early just to drag ourselves through the gales. The Christmas trees are still lying around in the middle of the roads along with the trash.

I had to get some groceries and loaded my shopping trolley with far more things than necessary. Thankfully the heavy bag saved me from getting blown away. I had to stand in the middle of the road to drag the trolley behind me. What a funny picture that must have made!

Day 14 more snow

Snowfall and winds that’s how it’s been since last evening. We had some snowfall yesterday, not much but some flurries from evening till night. The temperature’s below zero so it’s settled here..

Son was very excited to play outside. “It’s delightful!” That’s the expression he used. Everything is “delightful” these days or “ginormous”, “humungous”, “horrible”, “awesome”, “exciting”.

img_3733 img_3738 img_3732

Day 10: Craigie’s Farm

Last summer, we went berry picking at a farm near us. Craigie’s farm is near the Edinburgh airport and only a half an hour drive from our home.

We wanted to visit for a long time after hearing all good reviews and it didn’t disappoint. At the time of our visit, there were strawberries, cherries and raspberries to harvest. At a refundable entry fee of £2 we picked up our baskets and went crazy picking the berries.

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Day 9: Drag on

Well I have absolutely nothing to write about today. Except the howling winds. It started last night as predicted. In the middle of the night, there were loud noises. Our building is still standing today. We made through to school and back today in winds of over 60 mph. Some of the Christmas trees lying near the dustbins are now in the middle of the road. It’s creepy!

Day 8: Things on my mind

For lack of any concrete ideas for posting, let me update you on what’s happening in life.

School’s started and we are back in the routine and the part that troubles me a lot is what should I give him in the lunchbox? Hot food turns cold and cold food gets colder and our lunchbox comes back full. Then from 3 pm till 7pm we keep hogging to fill up the famished tummy. Seriously, all you readers out there, do your kids eat their lunches at school, even though it’s cold. And as for school food, kiddo doesn’t like any of it, so that’s out of the question. I looked into Pinterest for lunchbox ideas but in a few minutes of browsing, I thought I might get a serious inferiority complex so I switched it off.

I have been volunteering at kiddo’s school library and it is so much fun. Libraries were so rare to find in Mumbai at least when I was a kid. Apart from the British Council library (which is in town and you have to travel for an hour in train to reach there) I didn’t know any libraries existed, not in the suburbs. I wish we had such libraries in our schools back in India. I don’t know if the private schools have them now. Whereas here, it’s a part of everyday life. It is good to see the kids storm into the library and bury their heads in books. They get so busy reading that they forget to issue to the book out and then have to rush out at the minute before their next class. I wish we had such libraries in our schools back in India. I don’t know if the private schools have them now.

The show I watched last year –  The Mousetrap, was so interesting. Now I wish to see more of theatre shows than movies. The shows are more expensive than the movies though and I really need to choose. I’m interested in these two – Twelve Angry Men and To Kill a Mockingbird and then there’s also Jeeves and Wooster. How does one choose? Also, I can’t wait for House of Cards to run its next season on Netflix.

I have still not decided on which veggies or herbs to plant for this year. I think it’s too late now to plant spring bulbs.

Day 6: The urban garden

Ok – cheat post –

In Spring last year, I potted coriander seeds and some sprigs of mint. Almost a year on and my herbs are still surviving. I have harvested coriander three times now and mint as and when I require it.

Mint is thriving!
Mint is thriving!























An addition to the balcony garden is the bird feeder.




DSC04969 DSC04974