Such is life…

As long as you help people, do their work even keeping aside your pressing matters, they remember you and talk to you. If God forbid you tell them, it can’t be done or you don’t have time, you are in the bad books, banished, blacklisted. You are meant to remember everything about such people, if you don’t respond, reply, they bark and shout like mad dogs but as long as you do their jobs, you are tolerable enough. Nobody thinks of you until they need you to do something for them. Only then you are the capable person, the responsible one, the dependable one. And don’t you dare say no to them. You, just you, are never enough, you always need to prove yourself, your worth, only then these highness-es, these big heads who consider themselves on a higher footing than you deem to give you their attention.

The worst part is you cannot say no! Out of some misguided sense of duty, family, relations, some misplaced complex that makes you want to please these people and stay in their good book.


5 thoughts on “Such is life…

  1. OH NO.. one learns hard truths in life slowly .. I have a learnt very important lessons in life when I came to uk. I am only good if i do what is asked of me and suddenly i become a big head .. for example they need a sponsorship if i send one I am good and for some reason if the visa is rejected I am the one who probably did not do something 🙂

    Take care … LIFE is Funny

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