Day 16: Dad and I

On a saturday few weeks ago, I was having the perfect morning. I had got up late and was browsing blogs and sites while sipping coffee. Just then I saw my dad online on Skype.

When my dad is on the computer, there is usually some music playing in the background. Love for music is something that runs in the family – especially old hindi movie songs and ghazals.

This morning was no different. As soon as the call connected, I heard one of Mehdi Hassan’s song playing at a high volume. I hadn’t heard this one in a long time. Relaxed as I was, I tried to remember when I had last heard it but couldn’t grasp any memory of it. The tune sounded familiar, I was sure I had heard it before or something similar to it.

I finally gave up and said, “This song sounds familiar, isn’t the tune similar to some ghazal or some other song that I might have heard? I’m sure I have heard something like this before. It definitely resembles some song.” “Yes” he nodded gravely, “It resembles this song itself.” We both cracked up after that. Once we had stopped laughing he assured me that there is no other song or ghazal with the same tune and since I hadn’t heard it in a long long time, I couldn’t quite place it.

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