Day 8: Things on my mind

For lack of any concrete ideas for posting, let me update you on what’s happening in life.

School’s started and we are back in the routine and the part that troubles me a lot is what should I give him in the lunchbox? Hot food turns cold and cold food gets colder and our lunchbox comes back full. Then from 3 pm till 7pm we keep hogging to fill up the famished tummy. Seriously, all you readers out there, do your kids eat their lunches at school, even though it’s cold. And as for school food, kiddo doesn’t like any of it, so that’s out of the question. I looked into Pinterest for lunchbox ideas but in a few minutes of browsing, I thought I might get a serious inferiority complex so I switched it off.

I have been volunteering at kiddo’s school library and it is so much fun. Libraries were so rare to find in Mumbai at least when I was a kid. Apart from the British Council library (which is in town and you have to travel for an hour in train to reach there) I didn’t know any libraries existed, not in the suburbs. I wish we had such libraries in our schools back in India. I don’t know if the private schools have them now. Whereas here, it’s a part of everyday life. It is good to see the kids storm into the library and bury their heads in books. They get so busy reading that they forget to issue to the book out and then have to rush out at the minute before their next class. I wish we had such libraries in our schools back in India. I don’t know if the private schools have them now.

The show I watched last year –  The Mousetrap, was so interesting. Now I wish to see more of theatre shows than movies. The shows are more expensive than the movies though and I really need to choose. I’m interested in these two – Twelve Angry Men and To Kill a Mockingbird and then there’s also Jeeves and Wooster. How does one choose? Also, I can’t wait for House of Cards to run its next season on Netflix.

I have still not decided on which veggies or herbs to plant for this year. I think it’s too late now to plant spring bulbs.

One thought on “Day 8: Things on my mind

  1. Oh yes the traffic shows that schools have started.
    Well you can tell me what to sow.. and nooooooo it’s not late to sow.. I usually plant in end Feb or march..its too cold at the moment.

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