Day 4: Driving through the lochs in Scotland


Saturday morning, we decided to go on a long drive. Initially we thought let’s go up to Loch Lomond and then see…. but eventually we ended up driving through these five gorgeous lochs. The winter sky was nice and clear and we had amazing views of the sunkissed snowcapped mountains. Much as I loved the lochs – I have realised fully that my heart lies in the majestic mountains! Sharing with you all some of the views



This is the view from the Duck Bay – located at the start of Loch Lomond – restaurant where we stopped for lunch… we even saw a floatplane take off from the loch!
The photos aren’t good enough for the view – after a point I stopped clicking and started soaking in the views!
This is the view from The Drovers Inn – located at the top of Loch Lomond.

IMG_3493 IMG_3496 IMG_3497 IMG_3503 IMG_3508 IMG_3516


Driving back it was almost dark but we had the almost full moon for company. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Day 4: Driving through the lochs in Scotland

  1. How gorgeous is Scotland! Now that husband doesn’t work in Scotland, our chances of doing another road trip is looking quite dim. Have to say though, your pics make me want to go on a trip to Scotland again.

    1. You should! Initially we were sceptical about going on a road trip what with the terrible winter forecasts, but the roads were neat and clear. We didn’t have to wait in queues and the views were gorgeous! Now that hubby has driving license we plan to do this often. Let’s see.

  2. Beautiful photos of what looks like a great day out – thanks for sharing. I’m interested in how you managed to load the detailed google map into your post. I’d love to be able to take advantage of that on Still Waters.
    Oh and thanks for the follow as well.
    Take care

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