Day 2 The year that was..

New year, new beginnings, new resolutions! Everyone is obsessed with the new year. Post Christmas we are all ready to wipe the slate clean and make a fresh start. Or perhaps it’s our way to find redemption of old sins. The new year is filled with hopes and promises – no mistakes, no wrong words, no terrible things….yet! At the start of every new year, we look into the past and promise ourselves that we won’t make the same mistakes, do things differently and make the new year better and happier.

Was the last year so bad? Between us all, we have been through it all – new jobs, vacations, books, weddings, babies, loss of friends and loved ones. Some may have had a bad year, others a pretty good one but in the end we all got through. We may not want to remember it all.

A part of 2014 makes me very sad. The heartbreaking realities, the unbelievable horrid truths and painful realisations – unspoken and thus more hurtful. Too many questions still unanswered. I wish I had done some things differently but I would still take a harsh reality than a sugar coated lie. I would like to believe it has made me more humble and more human. I am grateful to have come through it all and now I wish to put it behind me, in the past. It’s done and probably was for the best. I have survived, I’ve come through, I’ve accomplished!

This year, I find it hard to bring in the enthusiasm to make new resolutions. Before I know it, a few months have passed, life is in the way and resolutions just remain stuck in a post. I don’t want to fail on my resolutions. I don’t want to make a fresh start. I wish the past year remains with me and I can learn from it. I hope it will make my today, better.

For 2015, I only want our little family and extended family to be happy and to be together through good times and bad.


2 thoughts on “Day 2 The year that was..

  1. Bikramjit

    2014 was a year which taught me a lot.. showed some ugly sides too..but new years started with sad news for me..
    Anyway such is life .. ups and downs..

    Here’s wishing all the best for you in this new year and everyone around you.


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