Main aur meri hot bag…

…aksar ye baatein karte hai,
agar ye sar dard na hota toh kaisa hota….

I finally went to the doctor today. Every morning, about an hour after I wake up, the sinuses just work up and give me a splitting headache. Today the pain was so intense that I thought the nerve above my left eyebrow would explode, the hammer just kept on beating! The doc gave me antibiotics but she said that even without the medicine, it would go away in a week. No way am waiting that long.

It’s afternoon now and the hammering has come down to the dull thud, but it’s not gone. This is perhaps the best time of the day when the pain is at the lowest. It will all start again tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Main aur meri hot bag…

  1. Hey Maddie…. AM concerned about you as I too suffer from this same unbearable pounding of/in eyebrow(generally one at a time), forehead, temples and back of the head, just above the neck……….. didn’t know so many parts of my head are there!
    Mine is ignited by stress/ noise/glaring hot sunshine. In some others strong smell/ haywire eating habits also triggers it. if any of these match your symptoms , it could be migraine .
    Take care. get well soon. 🙂

    1. Hi Kokila…I know about migraine headaches but this is different. It’s from Sinuses infection. Now that I am on antibiotics, I am much better today. Thanks so much 🙂 This is my first sinus attack so I guess takes times to getting used to the constant headaches.

      Migraines can last upto many days, isn’t it? Hugs to you if you are have it :(( My friends tells me nothing works and you need to give it time to heal on its own.

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