The gardening bug

The gardening bug bit me in early April and this is what I have been trying to grow for the past few months.



coriander seeds sprouting

more coriander sprouts in early May
ChilliΒ took a long time to show up


meanwhile, mint was growing roots
mint in pots
finally mint is transported to pot


coriander has a growth spurt


and some more


and finally there are the coriander leaves
and look who’s here… after about a month, I see chilli leaves


Coriander flourishes
and more….enough to make chutney!


and it keeps coming more everyday
mint spreads its roots and is scrambling all over inside the pot


pepper plant
some real growth of the chilli plant


this is the latest pic from a few days ago. Chilli has come a long way and soon there will be flowers!






















Mint multiplied over summer and its runners were all over the small pot so I had to transfer it to a bigger pot. Now it’s happy and contained in my balcony!

10 thoughts on “The gardening bug

  1. awesomeeeee.. i got coriander and raddish and tomatoes growing, and this time i have used only home coriander to garnish and having the raddish for salad .. Sadly the tomatoes are still trying ot Grow.. its the rain too much πŸ™‚

    The mint looks healthy , one good thing about mint is it does not die off and will continue to grow year in year out πŸ™‚

    now looking at that makes me want to have a Parantha with butter and Mint chutney πŸ™‚ yummyliscious

    1. Oh how lovely! Did you take any photos?? This summer has been my first attempt so I went with the plants that were sure to grow in this British weather. Tomatoes are difficult, you must know when to water them and when to hold it off. I did make mint chutney and it was delicious if I may say so πŸ˜€

  2. I love this. We have a tiny balcony in which we try and grow Mint. It grows rather slowly and the plant looks quite sparse. I’d love to see my Mint blooming the way yours is. Any secret?

    1. Hi! No secret really. I planted them in some good compost rather than plain soil. It bloomed really well but then mint spreads quickly through its runners underground. Give it plenty of water and sunshine. I had a pest and rust problem few weeks ago and I tried a homemade fertilizer made of crushed garlic, onion, chilli powder, vinegar, oil, turmeric and a drop of dishwashing soap. It smelled terrible but worked well.

      Do share pictures of your mint!

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