It’s Spring!

And the lovely gardens of Princess Street are filled with Daffodils 🙂







11 thoughts on “It’s Spring!

    1. Bikramjit

      You know I was just looking to book a cottage in scotland for a short break.. found one near aberdeen but gps says its 7 hour drive.. noooooooooooooooooo

      so cancelled it tooo far .. although i know scotland is beautifull.. maybe one day .. this time going again to wales 🙂

          1. Maddie Post author

            Where are you in the UK? If you book tickets well in advance, they would be cheap. Train tickets booked six weeks in advance are really cheap. Now it’s probably too late to book for cottages for summer.

                1. Bikramjit

                  No sadly I did not.. and now I realised I did noy see a single match even..that is sad..
                  Although I have tickets for the cricket match in edgbaston..for September


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