Look what I got…


After four years, am only just exploring charity shops and second-hand book shops in Edinburgh. It’s such a shame I didn’t do it earlier. There are some fantastic book-stores near Grass-market (with the majestic Castle in the backdrop). The shop I visited was just overflowing with old and new, classic, vintage and antiquity books. Very similar to the Shakespeare and Co. in Paris. I could spend hours in there just browsing through the books. It’s very aptly named – armchair books.

I googled some more after visiting this store and realised there are more of them around this area. So a new goal for this year… visit more second-hand book-stores.

And I’m back after a long hiatus, a bit ashamed to have miserably failed at the January Blogathon. Yeah, that was a long time back!

So how have you been?


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