Day 21: Sleepy tales

I missed a day. It wasn’t that I had nothing to write, I have so many thoughts going on in my head that I find it hard to pick one and make a coherent post out of it.

And I have been losing sleep for the past couple of days. The big happening thing right now is that kiddo has started sleeping in a separate room all on his own…. hai my bachcha is growing up and I am having a hard time adjusting to it. Hubby spent a sleepless first night and kept checking on him every few hours. The second night it was my turn – woke up a few times to check up on him. Though he was deep in slumber land, I worried myself thinking he might fall down or choke or whatever!

Kiddo is very happy though. We have put up Christmas lights in his room instead of a small night lamp and there’s a rack there decked up with his toys and cars. It’s all very cozy and festive in there and the lightening Mcqueen duvet cover helps in tucking him in.

This is the third night now…hope I get some sleep!


One thought on “Day 21: Sleepy tales

  1. I hadn’t thought of this before… My kid still sleeps with us (mainly because i am afraid she would fall of the bed) but occasionally i let her sleep the first part of the night alone on a mattress so falling not an issue. I never thought of how it would feel (sleep-wise for me) when she moved out completely. How old is yours? What made you decide to move him?

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