Day 15: I will write!

I am determined to continue blogging everyday and not break this marathon posting this month. There’s something in me that just hates to break a commitment or a routine; which can turn me into a monster almost everyday with me shouting at the brat to get into bed at time. If it’s even 10 minutes past his bed time, alarm bells start ringing in my head and the lava just boils on and then both hubby and kiddo know for sure that there’s going to be a volcano.

You would think that this nightly volcanic eruptions might lead to cold controlled mornings but you couldn’t be more wrong. I hate to be late. Even if it’s to meet a friend, I have to be there on time, even before time. I fret and curse when we reach the nursery late by few minutes. It’s not really strict to maintain the time yet and I see many parents frolicking in when am on my way home.

So I hate it when am late and see other people being late. Something just goes off in my mind and there is a need to right every wrong in me. Impossible but that’s how I am.


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