Day 10: Rediscovering chocolate

I have never been a foodie but if I take a liking to some dish, I go overboard and eat it frequently. My current object of obsession is Nutella chocolate spread. You would never find my having breakfast but since the time hubby brought this home I have been having it every morning and sometimes as a snack during the day too.

Calling it delicious would be an understatement and I can’t think why I didn’t try it before. While I can have it with a spoon and go on eating all day, I try to control myself by containing the quantity on a slice of bread. The idea is to apply an insane amount of chocolate on a small size of bread, the crunchier the better.







3 thoughts on “Day 10: Rediscovering chocolate

  1. chattywren

    Nutella is an everyday thing for my daughter’s snack. I am trying to be off chocolate, and I only allow myself to lick off the bit left after smearing it on the bread. Chocolate hack of a kind:)

  2. Monkey Mind

    First time here. I have no idea from where I landed here but I am happy I did πŸ™‚ true. Nutella is addictive. I used to finish off the entire bottle within a few days till I realised it does counteracts all my running efforts and now I have stopped buying πŸ˜›


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