Day 9: A good day!

Continuing from yesterday’s tale, I finally have the thing in my hand – my son’s new passport! I had submitted it to the consulate for renewal around three weeks ago. After handing her all the papers and the passport, I asked her how long will it take to get the new passport and she said around 4-6 weeks. And I panicked big time.

We had planned to make this trip to India at the end of Jan and we just about made the 6 week time frame. I know, stupid of me, should have asked the question first and then submitted it. Taking the passport back was not that easy. So, we took a risk and let it go for processing. Yesterday, just when we were bursting with anxiety about this whole thing, I got a call from the consulate that the new passport is ready for collection and we let out a collective sigh of relief.

Today I went to the consulate and got the passport, saw that all the details were correct and sighed some more. So hurray, the shopping can now begin!



One thought on “Day 9: A good day!

  1. Shilpa Garg

    Glad that you got the passport much before the scheduled date! We have had a harrowing time with our passports but luckily got them in nick of time! Happy shopping and happy travel too 🙂


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