Day 8: Cheat post

Writing a post at 9:30 pm. Does it really count for the day? For most of the readers it’s already a new day and here I am trying to come up with something to make up for a post. Here goes nothing.

I have been tensed all day but not any more. I am happy actually now. And so this crappy post. Well there’s this kind of a stupid thing I did a couple of weeks ago and was waiting for it to turn out in my favour and am happy now that it has. I know am not making any sense right now. Bit high on lamb and wine atm. Will make an elaborate post on it tomorrow when I finally have the thing in my hands 🙂



2 thoughts on “Day 8: Cheat post

  1. Like this cheat post! I do such posts all the time!! 😀 Glad that thing worked in your favour and it made you happy too! Cheers to some more wine and lamb 🙂

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