Day 6: Books

I love reading books. It’s more of a hobby than a pass time. It all started when my grandma introduced me to Agatha Christie’s books. I love delicious deaths! After reading almost all of her books, I started on Hadley Chase and Holmes but nothing else matches the intellectual appeal of Christie’s whodunits.

Recently though I had given up on the mystery genre to read ‘higher literature’ which can be boring at times. but every once in a while I come back to Christie and read one of her books. Currently am re-reading Murder on the Orient Express.

Contemporary fiction is nice. Sometimes I do find something new which I like immensely but most of the times it’s just same old same old.


2 thoughts on “Day 6: Books

    1. Yes, I know. Too bad for me I had seen the Hindi movie based on it before I read the book but it still managed to surprise me. That’s what she does, good at deceiving the reader.

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