Day 5: Bucket List

Posted: January 5, 2014 in Blog Marathon

Today’s prompt made me realise that I never ever made a bucket list. Like ever. I do have a list of things I wish to do, but it’s not like it has to happen or I have to achieve it. If it happens, well and good, if it doesn’t then, well no worries. Does that make me indecisive or half-hearted? I don’t know. Sometimes, though I find myself thinking, wish I had done that at that time. Like wishing on new year’s eve, wish we had gone to Princess Street to see the fireworks. Afterall we have been in Edinburgh for 4 years now and we haven’t been to the Hogmany fireworks even once. So here am coming up with a location specific list – if we continue to live in Edinburgh, here’s what am going to do this year:

Walk up to Arthur Seat: Shame on me, but yes, I will will will climb up to Arthur seat this yea and try to do it before summer.

Events and festivals: Make it to at least two events in the Bookfest this year. (Am so high on last year’s events, I want to continue visiting the bookfest as long as I am in Edinburgh. The atmosphere is awesome.) Attend at least one event in the fringe festival. Attend the Tattoo festival.

Visit Oban and Lake district – or at least one of them. We have been researching and researching but haven’t found time to visit these two beautiful places in Scotland.

Explore a few more libraries. I want to visit the central library of Edinburgh for quite some time now and hopefully will make it this year.

Explore a few other museums and visit some exhibitions with Shantanu. Missed the Vikings and Mary queen of Scots exhibition.

This much should suffice for a year!


  1. lsniestrath says:

    Sounds like a great year with lots of fun things to do. How long are you planning to stay in Scotland? (Hyperlinks, please!)

  2. So I been to Arthur’s Seat, and I also went to a Festival in Edinburgh where I saw the caber toss. Perhaps that will be incentive for you!

    • Maddie says:

      Oh wow Cathleen! I haven’t seen any traditional Scottish games yet. Am ashamed actually. Stuck to my laptop all day and waiting for the next mooc to start.

  3. That’s some great bucket list activities you have for the year…definitely achievable! 🙂

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