Welcome 2014!

2013 was a fantastic year in real life and not so on this blog. Now that I see, I was missing for almost half a year from this space. So here’s to blogging more in 2014.

2013 was a great year Β for travelling. Went to Paris, Disneyland, London and around Scotland. Fell in love with the cafes, markets, balconies and the romantic atmosphere of Paris. Disneyland was awesome too! Not only for Shantanu, even hubby and I had good fun. Saw Rafael Nadal there and waved at him. He waved back! Shantanu had a hard time though. He thought Sully was Rafa! Everytime we see Sully from Monster Inc. he calls out Rafa! Went to London for the second time. After living in Edinburgh I must say am tired of the tubes in London – or the Underground. London is lovely even with the rains but travelling reminds me of Mumbai trains although a bit more clean. Seeing the office hours rush I feel blessed to not be part of it. Visited Lords and Wimbledon for the second time. Who would have thunk it? Some major ground works going on at Wimbledon, looking forward to some spectacular landscaping for Wimbledon 2014.

Read many books, many new authors, though didn’t find enough time to review. Hopefully will post more reviews this year. Attended the bookfest and Oktoberfest. Books and beer! Saw Margaret Atwood and Salman Rushdie. Another one of the highlights from 2013 after Paris. Waiting for bookfest 2014, hope to attend more author events and book in advance!

Mooced a lot completed a total of five moocs from coursera and enrolled in many more for next year. My moocmates are awesome and inspiring. It’s a totally different high to interact with them. Keeps me sane and somewhat productive.

My niece, Tanvi was born in May. Shantanu finally has a sister, no matter a cousin. I had such complex reaction to this. Mixed feelings really, happy that my brother has a daughter and sad that I was not there to be part of it. You make plans and have dreams and then life takes over. Sigh! Looking forward to 2014 to actually meet her!

Socialised more – attended mommy hangout mornings after sending Shantanu to school. This was a first. Never thought I would be part of some mommy group chitchat.

Had the in laws over here for almost 3 months which resulted in eating more yum food. Diwali was special with all the homemade sweets. We went to the Edinburgh Military tattoo festival and although it rained, we had a great time. This was only the second time that we went. First one was back in 2010. I had forgotten how awesome it is to watch the military band and their antics. Have decided to go this year too.

Resolutions for 2014:

Stepping out of the house feels nice. So resolving to get out more in 2014.

The brain isn’t all that reliable anymore. I go to the kitchen and wonder why I went there. Have done this many times in 2013. Guess am getting old. Need to blog more to keep a note of things.

Shantanu’s growing up too fast. I can see that in the diminishing number of hugs and kisses I get from him nowadays. Everyday there’s a new demand from him to learn this or that – teach me how to cook this, show me how to do that. He wants to do things on his own rather than rely on his mom to get it done. So in 2014, connect more with him emotionally as much as it’s possible for boys.

Get my act together with exercising. The fact that am not out of shape isn’t an excuse to be a couch potato. Let me share a secret. I can’t swim a lap or dance for a minute continuously. This from a girl who used to swim for an hour and dance 4 hours. Need to swim more and then dance!

Here’s hoping that the new year brings in health and happiness to you all! May 2014 be your year! Happy 2014!



11 thoughts on “Welcome 2014!

  1. techie2mom

    Good to know that you had a happy year!!
    BTW that going in the kitchen and then wondering why one went there, is something that i have been doing since childhood πŸ™‚


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