Random updates

I have lots to say but can’t pen down a proper post.

So the heatwave in UK. It felt really good a couple of weeks ago to be out without wearing kilos of overcoats! My tops and dresses were finally seeing the sunlight after a long time. Two weeks of warm sunshine and now am miserable. It’s 25° today  and it’s so completely still. I can’t see a single leaf moving. Nothing stirs, not  a single breeze. Weather warnings are issued and then there is the danger of roads closing down if the tarmac melts.


School’s out and holidays have started. Am busy planning, organising and chauffeuring my son around for play-schemes and summer classes. This is one of the things I like about living abroad. There are multiple activities for kids to enjoy and be occupied with instead of going to movies and malls. I know there are many activities even in India, but commuting here is just so easy and comfortable. It’s also a big relief to know that I can now drop off Shantanu at the classes and he will stay there and enjoy. I dreaded the first day thinking he would cry and wouldn’t stay without me but I guess improved English language has given him quite a confidence boost. Now I get pronunciation lessons from him! It’s a “khaar” now “kaarr” he tells me. And sometimes if am lucky, he even allows me to teach him a few words.


I have finally taken to housecleaning a bit more seriously. It may have something to do with husband calling it a “kabootarkhana”. But I have a feeling that a new vacuum cleaner, IKEA and shopping (even if it’s storage) may have pushed me off my butt the edge. Shantanu is delighted to know that I can use the vacuum cleaner and he almost fell of the chair when he saw me ironing. The husband, though, is still on the fence and is scared to break this streak of wilderness in me. He is afraid that if he so much as makes a comment, the spell will break and I would be a vegetable again. On a serious note, it was triggered by moth attack, and in no way was I responsible for it.


I have been reading a lot but have no time to review. Will get back to that now.


The other day we had a scary seagull incident. A couple of seagull chicks got out of their nests and we moving around in our society’s parking area. Every time someone passed them by, the mother seagull would screech and attack. After watching the scene for some time, we decided to call animal rescue. Sadly, it seems seagulls are not that important to them. They told us to be careful and carry umbrellas when going out. It would take a couple of weeks for the chicks to fly. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait that long. One the second day, we saw the chicks walking on the rooftops. There were no more screeches after that.






Shantanu had a class picnic before the holidays. We went to Kinghorn beach by train. It was a brilliant day to be outdoors and Shantanu had a lot of fun. This was the first time he put his feet inside water. I had a flashback to the days when I as a kid went to Worli Sea Face. My cousin and I used to have lots of fun in the sand, trying to make castles. The highlight of those trips to the beach wasn’t the water or the sand or even the giant wheel. It was the scooter ride. In those days my dad had a scooter and my uncle didn’t. My parents and us kids used to go on the scooter and my uncle and aunt travelled separately. So my cousin and I took turns standing at the front of the scooter. There was still always a fight and a lot of crying on the way back. 🙂





It’s been more than a month now to our Paris trip and am still missing it. Never has a city or a place affected me in such a manner. I have resolved to go there once more….sometime! I still have to write an entire post on our Disneyland trip and I don’t know where to start. Five days in Dineyland and it was still not enough. 🙂


So what’s the update on rains in Mumbai. Last I heard, it was still raining cats and dogs and the potholes are getting bigger. Mumbai does turn into Venice during monsoon.

And how have you all been?

13 thoughts on “Random updates

  1. 25 degrees, good grief! I can’t imagine it being that hot in Scotland. It’s been close to 99 degrees here and we are melting away. It’s July and we know that this is normal. I’ve noticed how much you are reading these days-so much more enjoyable than cleaning the house and so much better for your imagination!

  2. Nice to get to know you through your blog. You are complaining about 25 degrees it is 40 degrees here in Arizona and we went up to 47 degrees last week! One year (this is historic data) we hit 50 degrees and the planes could not land in Phoenix airport because the temperatures messed up their compasses or whatever. The only good thing is we are equipped for the heat with solid AC, swimming pools etc. It’s pure heaven here in winter. Half the world descends on Arizona. Keep well. Cheers!

    1. Lucky you with the AC. Here we are equipped for cold, not heat. The news sites are abuzz with articles for surviving this hot weather. We don’t have that many ACs installed in houses or public places, the pools are inadequate, there are no outdoor pools. Hoping it won’t last more than a week.

  3. The weather is HOT, isn’t it? Like daughter was saying the other day, ‘ I wish it would cool down, I can’t think in this weather’ 🙂 Never thought I’d be complaining about the heat in the UK!

    You guys are making the most of summer though:) Schools here close for summer next week, and we are off to Scotland for a couple of weeks! Can’t wait!

    1. It may sound phoney that we Indians are complaining of the heat, but it’s really bad isn’t it?

      I read an article on BBC which said productivity goes down when temperatures rise above 22 degrees. 🙂 Your daughter is right.

      And you are coming to Scotland?? Cool. Would you be in Glasgow? Any plans to come to Edinburgh?

  4. Umm…25 degrees is a heatwave???!!! Sorry but that’s spring here. We had 24 degrees the other day in winter and it was glorious. Our heatwaves are 48-50 degrees. Otherwise it’s just hot or lovely! 😛

    Need to read your Paris trips…

  5. I remember the temperature going to 30 degrees during my stay there. A lot of people fainted in the Tube and they had all the hospitals on alert.
    We laughed. 🙂

    1. Lol…I can imagine. BBC has a long list of articles specifying how UK is unequipped for the heatwave.

      On another note, people here are at least concerned and cautious as against our government who won’t even utter a word after children’s death in public school.

  6. So many updates!!!

    Rains here are playing havoc. Nothing more can be said on that!!! :-\

    And lol @ ur cleaning avtaar!!!! *Pats ur back* good going…pass on some inspiration to me also 😀

    And hope son’s vacation are going ok1!! Somehow cannot view the images!!! 😦

    1. Thanks, Smita, I need some motivation to poke the dirty corners of my home, and what better than shopping! 🙂

      The rains in Mumbai are relentless. I don’t think they ever stopped since they started in June.

      Try a different browser to view the pics.

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