Am back from Paris!

And Disneyland! It was amazing, fun, tiring yet enriching, exhilarating and much much more! I feel as if I have been away for a long long time from this blog.

Parie as the locals say is a wonderful enchanting place. I knew that it was the most beautiful city in the world but I had to see it to believe it. Given my pessimistic attitude I believed it was a gross exaggeration. But I was so wrong. Parie just hooks you in at first glance and then charms you.

We stayed in Montmartre which is the best place to be if you want to see the local culture and experience the Parisian flavour. The cafes are amazing where you can just sip a cuppa or have a Crème brûlée and watch people passing by. Apart from the touristy places and locations what I loved most about Paris were it’s long never-ending streets; the lovely balconies with their detailed art work and the unique street lamps! I wish I had more days to roam Parie ki galiyaan…

The weather was fantastic during the entire week with a burning hot 27 degrees! I had packed my bag with my short skirts and dresses which otherwise lie in the deep recesses of the cupboard in UK.

As for the Eiffel, I didn’t find it attractive at all during day time. It looked like a huge ugly iron monstrosity. I wasn’t keen to going up the Eiffel as am afraid of heights. Curiously my son took an intense liking to the tower and then we went up.

During my research about Paris, I had read that it’s very difficult for people to get around in Paris if you don’t know French. People give you the cold shoulder and are usually rude. But we had no such problems. As long as you start with Bonjour and say Merci a couple of times, you can get through the main conversation in English. A little flattery also helps.

The flea markets in Paris are famous and we got to visit one near the Pantheon. And guess what! It was a book market spread out on almost the entire street. All the books were in French obviously but I enjoyed scanning through them to find some beloved authors.

Four days in Paris are not enough. It’s only scratching the surface. To really enjoy Paris you need to live there for some time – that’s a new wish I have.

More about Disneyland and photos later!


14 thoughts on “Am back from Paris!

  1. You brought back memories from our trip there 🙂 And made me realize that it has been over 8 years since we made the trip! We had been planning to go back, but somehow never made it, or rather it got shelved in favour of places we hadn’t been to! We had been there before daughter was around, so we really explored it 🙂 Walked, walked and walked, and still did not have enough! Disney is wonderful too! But the one in Florida is just wonderful! Much, much bigger. I so want to go again now!

    • I have heard about Florida one too but am not sure we would even make it to the US, given our complete love for UK, small places, towns, streets, markets, you know what I mean 🙂 But I would love to explore Paris on foot, hopefully when kiddo is older! 🙂

  2. I love the thought of a street market full of books. It’s a very famous street. I saw that in a movie – I forget which one. The best thing about Paris are the patisseries. Oh, the beautiful tarts and flakey pies with curly edges, full of surprises inside. I can live on those! Sounds like you had an awesome time. Welcome back!

    • Thanks Shona, it was lovely. We did check out a couple of cafes but sadly food was the last thought on our minds as kiddo is not in the food-experiments age yet. And as I said, one trip to Paris is not enough, I have to go there again, so next time, mission patisseriess! 😀

  3. U have painted a pretty picture of the Paris 🙂

    U said u didn’t like ET during day time…so did u visit it during night time & did u fall in love with it then?

    • At night I was totally in love with Eiffel! It was all very romantic with couples all around us. We saw the light show twice from different locations and it was magical. There’s something in the air there I can’t pinpoint it. 🙂

  4. Sounds like a great vacation! Reminds me of my time there. My favourites in Paris have been the Disneyworld parade andcCruise on Seine River. Missed the street full of books! Would love to see that! Looking fwd to your snaps..

    • Disneyworld parade was fantastic indeed. We attended it three times and it never stopped being fun. We didn’t take the river cruise as we had taken one in Amsterdam and it was boring. But then I strongly wish to go to Paris again and next time I might just take the cruise. 🙂

  5. Paris my dream destination which I am hoping I’ll get to see soon!! I will be back here to read this post again as a reference when I do plan to go! Looking forward to your Disney travelogue now. Oh I so am craving for a holiday!

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