May Photo A Day: Day 21: I Care About This…

Haven’t put up a picture of my son and husband. That’s just obvious, isn’t it? So here’s the second best thing I care about. My books and my Kindle. I haven’t always been a reader. I took up reading seriously in high school when my grandma introduced me to Agatha Christie books. I love them with a passion and I often pick up a favourite book one in a while to relive the thrill.



This is my small bookshelf as most of my books now are stored on Kindle to save paper and space. I have hoarded books on Kindle and there are 233 books loaded on it as of now that should last me about a half a decade! And then there’s always the library 🙂

Posted as part of May Photo a Day Challenge.


7 thoughts on “May Photo A Day: Day 21: I Care About This…

  1. Shilpa Garg

    How is the experience of reading a book on Kindle? I was once very keen on it? But then came across some feedback from friends about poor tech support etc.
    I have a Tablet and have read a few books on it… the experience of reading on a Tablet is just OK… havent explored the marking of pages and highlighting text as yet!

    1. Maddie Post author

      I have not had the need to contact tech support but then I love the lightness especially if you are reading heavy lengthy books. Not good for referencing highlighting and marking. I find it time consuming to search for my highlights so I make it a point of buy paperbacks.

  2. Deeps

    Somehow I have never gotten used to reading on Kindle or iPad or such e-readers. For me physical feel of books is just so needed to truly enjoy the books I am reading! 🙂

    1. Maddie Post author

      On the iPad I get a glaze and it makes reading difficult but I love Kindle. I have the older version without the backlit and it’s a comfortable read. It’s good for fiction and light reads but if you are the type who needs to highlight mark and make notes then Kindle is of no use. Plus I find it time consuming to type out a few words, search them and go back to that location. Lastly, nothing can replace the crispiness of a new book and the lovely smell! 🙂 But kindle does take out the bulkiness so I can lie down in bed and read it.


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