May Photo A Day: Day 19: My favourite view

My favourite view…hmm…hard to put up one picture after I came into this magical land of Scots!


View from a garden near our home – On a clear day


Amsterdam – tulips – Silsila – need I say any more?


Tulips – greenery – calm – awesome


Can never get enough of the Edinburgh Castle. It’s giant, majestic and magnificent. It takes my breath away every single time. Even after three years of looking at it regularly.


Holyrood park – any view from any side is good enough to spend hours and hours.


Give me mountains, lakes, ponds and trees and am game! On the way to highlands.


At Fort William – we were enveloped in these clouds – there was some fog too and mist…felt like I had died and gone to heaven!


And then the clouds were on us!

I have hundreds of such photos and then some!

Posted as part of May Photo a Day Challenge.


6 thoughts on “May Photo A Day: Day 19: My favourite view

  1. Smita

    1st thing 1st, I dunno how but I had stopped following your blog (must have something to do with the change in my reader).

    And these photos are breathtaking!!!!! Simply wow!


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