May Photo A Day

Yes I have given into the temptation and taken up this challenge May Photo A Day!

To catch up with the first few days, am posting all the photos together.

Day 1: I bought this


I bought this cake a couple of weeks ago and it’s already consumed but it was yum as you can see. Hard to resist chocolate. What can I say?

Day 2: Morning Ritual

Morning ritual

I wanted to add my morning cup of coffee but am hardly a functional human being so this. Waking up my son takes a long time. I snuggle up with him first and enjoy the sweet idle moments of innocence. 🙂

Day 3: This is really good


Another cake image but this I made at home. It’s a black forest cake if you can’t make it out 🙂

Day 4: In my cup


That’s Chocolate Star Sundae!! To tempt you more – it’s Milk chocolate covered nougat pieces, with rich toffee sauce and Belgian chocolate sauce, topped with milk chocolate stars and a crispy wafer. Jealous yet??


6 thoughts on “May Photo A Day

  1. techie2mom

    What?! What?! What?!
    Why?! Why?! Why?!!
    Cakes, Sundaes!!! Bahot na-insaafi hai yeh 😦
    BTW Loved your morning ritual 🙂
    It’s almost similar here…


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