Where I disappeared

It was one of those days….

When you finish sweeping the floors, you find more dirt hiding securely behind the door. Sigh..

Doing the laundry is a mammoth task, the more clothes you iron, the more they ooze out from the laundry box. It’s like those never-ending pieces of cloth that come out of the magician’s sleeve.

No matter how much you try to tidy up the house, it never appears clean; there are still more toys to pick up, another window pane to wipe down, another table to swipe!

Then there is grocery shopping where you have to drag your kid along with you. When you come out of the mart, it looks like you could feed off it for a month. Sadly it only last a week. Almost.

And all this work when done on a weekend seems like the rage of Gods or, wait, the signs of a well rested wife! Or a wife who, though physically present in the house looks blankly at you and is surprised at seeing all the mess that is around her. That’s me! I would rather describe myself as someone who can transport her mind to a faraway land (through her laptop) and is highly active and functional there (wherever that is) – the enchanted and mystical world that rests within the world wide web where my intellectual (!) insanity wanders everyday.

It started officially in January but I was hooked onto it since November last year. I think I already wrote a post on it but here it goes again. I signed up for a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) which started in January and ended in March. Since then I joined six other moocs, left three of them and currently seriously doing three: The Modern and the Post ModernEnglish Composition I: Achieving Expertise and A Beginner’s Guide to Irrational Behaviour. And I have signed up for many more, one of them includes  Exploring Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas! Who would have thought I had such yearning for learning!

Thank god, her husband can cook! And clean. And do the laundry and did I mention grocery shopping?

So, how have you all been? 🙂


7 thoughts on “Where I disappeared

  1. techie2mom

    Whoa!! I knew you joined MOOC!! But not that you joined so many of them!!!
    So you are enjoying them?!
    And what’s with this never ending laundry problem? I too face it 😦

    1. Maddie Post author

      I know! Don’t ask me how am managing them – the mess in the house is the side effect of doing a mooc. I think they should invent disposable clothes so the problem with laundry with vanish! 😛

  2. kismitoffeebar

    Wow! That sounds very impressive. I can relate to the mess 😛 I signed up for 6 on Coursera and I was feeding on take-aways just to finish that nagging quiz. But what fun! Always more than makes up for the mess 😛

  3. Maddie Post author

    I just unenrolled from gene mooc. The modern mooc is about to get over. My next one is psychology mooc. I might skip International Criminal law too. Just too overwhelming 🙂


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