Book Review: Heart Like Mine

Title: Heart Like Minecover22135-medium
Author: Amy Hatvany
ISBN: 9781451640564
Publisher: Washington Square Press
Source: Advance copy via NetGalley
Release Date: March 19, 2013
Rating: 4 out of 5


Grace McAllister never longed for children and knew they weren’t going to be part of her life. It’s a shock to her when she meets Victor who is the man of her dreams, and finds out that he has two children Max and Ava. Being a parent isn’t easy for Grace and she doesn’t exactly know what her role as Victor’s girlfriend is around his kids. But grace has to step in as a full time caregiver for the two children when their unstable mother, Kelli suddenly dies.

My Review:

Heart like Mine is story of three very different and complex women – Kelli, Ava and Grace. Grace is a very strong woman who knows what she wants from life. She isn’t exactly pleased when she finds out that the man whom she has fallen in love with has two children and she has to play out the role of a part time caregiver to them. But then Victor’s ex-wife dies and suddenly Grace is a full time caregiver to help out Victor with his work. Things don’t really fall into place for her and I could really sympathise with her.

Ava is a teenager and in that itself she is a very difficult character. The novel alternates between Grace and Ava’s point of view with flashbacks from Kelli’s life. Ava’s life is difficult, she has seen her parent’s breakup and then has had to take up the role of a carer for her younger brother and even her mother. She is confused and angry and has a difficult relationship with Grace whom she instinctively dislikes.

Then there’s Kelli. She has a sad past which has made her unstable, depressed and vulnerable. We don’t really know till the end the mystery behind her death and so it interesting. This book has some strong women characters that deal with the difficult realities of life and you when you read about it, you would definitely feel compassion. This is my first Amy Hatvany novel and I would definitely read more of her.


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