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My MOOC experiences

Here are some first thoughts on the videos:

Bendito machine

First thought… Moses coming down the mountain with the commandments while people perform rituals. Then people worshiping the next big thing in technology and replacing it with the old one.

I also felt that the characters/people in the video just worshiped it blindly without quite understanding it? Going with the masses kind of thing.

The best part was people casting aside the person who got them the technology only later to worship it. Is it a parallel to showing disdain with any new invention and then being a slave to it?

Definitely dystopian.


I loved this short movie. I think it was a utopian outlook. The protagonists are shy and lonely. Then they discover the magic bag. In the offline/normal world they would not venture out or be as free and open. The magic bag (the metaphor for technology) enables them to be…

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