All in a day’s work: Activities around #edcmooc

Everyone participating in e-learning and digital cultures mooc has been discussing how very excited they are and how interesting they are finding this mooc experience. As I said in my last post, am spending loads of time throughout the day experiencing what edcmooc is all about.

Ary has put up some interesting questions on our discussion at wikispaces. The very first one being how do we make our learning visible in digital spaces. Then I thought, here is a creative way to come up with a digital representation of all the activities that I end up doing in a single day, well most of them.

Thanks to Angela and Willa for introducing me to Videoscribe and also for inspiring me with your videos. Now here’s my video. It’s not very aesthetic with respect to graphics and pictures, but just an organised  mind map of all the activities that am sure we all are doing every day! I have also somehow managed to make it long enough so that the audio runs out! 😦 Hang on, it goes on a loop soon! 🙂


3 thoughts on “All in a day’s work: Activities around #edcmooc

  1. vilas (FIL)

    Though I do not know much about what exactly you are doiing, it seems that you are enjoyuing every bit of it and slso enhansing your knowledge. We are proud of you and please keep learning, the knowledge never goes waste.

  2. Lalitha Murthy

    What ia edcmooc? Is it an abbreviation? I have signed up for this course but m bewildered! Have I done the right thing? Can I understand what is going on?
    I am a business English consultant in India and would like to learn more about this.

  3. Maddie

    You have joined for the Elearning and digital cultures on edcmooc is its abbreviation. It officially started yesterday but we have been having lots of precourse activity for the past two months. Do head over to FB group for edcmooc, join twitter chat at #edmooc and the google community.

    do you have a blog? I couldnt get a link to it.


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