Book Review: The Hog Murders

Title: The Hog Murderscover23532-medium
Author: William L. DeAndrea
Source: Advance copy from publisher via NetGalley
Release Date: December 18, 2012
Rating: 3 out of 5

Synopsis: World-renowned criminologist Professor Nicolo Benedetti is called to the small, unassuming town of Sparta, New York, to solve a series of brutal murders. The only lead is a succession of notes delivered to the local newspaper, taunting the police, and enigmatically signed “HOG.” Originally published in 1979, The HOG Murders received an Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America.

My Review:

The Hog Murders, the first in the Niccolo Benedetti series, was first published in 1979 and won an Edgar. It featres the brilliant and eccentric Italian professor, Benedetti and his protegee Ron who is a private detective. Thanks to Mysterious Press for publishing digital copies of many of the old books, I could get my hands on this one through Netgalley.

Professor Benedetti is called into the small town of Sparta, New York to solve a series of brutal murders that take place in a span of three weeks. The only clues are the notes that taunt the police and are delivered to a local newspaper reporter and signed ‘HOG’.

This is a classic whodunit filled with twists and turns and interesting plot. The mystery is satisffying enough but I expected to be blown away by it but ended up with an ‘Oh’. I liked the characters of the detectives, though they are completely different from Poirot and Marple, they are charming in their own way and I woud definitely like to read more of their adventures.


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