Festivals and vacations

Where should I start? It has been such a happening month with lots of activities to keep me busy that I couldn’t find time to update my blog and more horror…no time to read! Now I have more books added to my climbing TBR mountain list!

So let’s start from the beginning. The book festival was fantastic. I attended a couple of events  – one was Ruth Rendell and the other was ‘Co-operative learning for 21st Century’ – the latter more specific to my job needs. I thoroughly enjoyed the Rendell event. She talked about her latest book – The St. Zita Society, read out a chapter and answered questions. I admit I have read only one book of hers – The Chimney Sweeper’s Boy but what I read I liked and when I told her that I immensely enjoyed this book, she told me, much to my shock that it was based on a true story. Go grab it, it’s one of the best. I got her latest book autographed and so excited was I to tell everyone about me attending this event that my cell phone was completely discharged in all the chatting and when the time came to take a photo of her, my phone lost all power! How dumb of me! 😦 PS: I still haven’t read the book.

There is also this Turing Festival for 3 days every year which is essentially about events organised around the digital technology. The saint and I attended one event each and took turns at babysitting our kiddo. I attended this event and it lasted for a long 3 hours. A lot of food for thought!

The other major event is that I have finally started working again! Yay!! And the best part is that I get to work from home – yup am freelancing and it is sooo gooooddd!!! This has put me on a whole new level of organizing and managing and the lazy summer days have turned into frantic chaotic mess. Even though the saint won’t agree to it, there is order in my chaos if you can manage to find it. The other day I told him that I read somewhere “A clean house is a sign of a wasted life.” when he remarked on the mess around. And pat came his reply, “A messy house is a sign of a rested wife!”

We shall be travelling this weekend to India and staying there for a whole of 4 weeks!! This trip is specially for attending the Ganpati festival. We have this system at my in laws of a rotating Ganpati (if that’s a term??!!). Every year it is held at a different uncle’s place and the saint has 7 uncles. So it is at our place after every eight years. Coincidentally this would also be the first time that I get to be a part of it. In 4 years of marriage I have somehow missed it.

Here I am submerged in a lot of work and a lot of mess. The saint is going places these days – travelling a lot for his work – travelling Europe!! He left today for Sweden and would be coming home just a day before we travel to India. We have managed to pack a lot of stuff over the weekend but there is still a lot to do – all last minute packing and checking off items off our list. And here I am seeking solace in blogging with all the mess around me.

Readers, so please send me some inspiration, enthusiasm and will to get of my butt and start cleaning and packing! And what have you all been upto these days??

10 thoughts on “Festivals and vacations

  1. Wow, interesting! I will look out for her books for sure. That is lucky, being in India for Ganpati. When I was there, I use to find it a bit chaotic at times, but how I miss it now. Enjoy your stay:)

  2. You will be in Mumbai? wow!! Lets exchange mails, we shud at least talk 🙂
    And congrats for the work thing 🙂
    And I am always impressed with ppl who manage to work from home, I for sure can never do that! hehehehe….
    Lucky u for attending the event 🙂

    and lol @ rest vs waste!! I totally agree with you though 😉

  3. C. D. Pradhan

    Hi Maddie – Very good to know that u r going to be in our midst coming Ganesh festival. Look forward to meet all of u especially little Prince of yours. Love – Baba Kaka

  4. Was the festival in Edinburgh? I remember you have moved from there.
    Anyways, it must have been a great experience.
    And one full month in India? How do you guys get so many leaves? 🙂

    1. No!!! We didn’t move! Staying put in Edinburgh as long as possible. There was a situation when we might have had to move and it was a sad time for me.

      The festival was in Edinburgh – August is full of festivals of all kinds specially the Fringe and Bookfest.

      Hubby has been saving his leaves for this visit! 🙂

  5. You’re probably in India by now. Hope you enjoy yourself. And that’s really cool that you are working again! What kind of freelancing are you doing if you don’t mind me asking. Book festival sounds like it was great. I really should get out more and do things like that.

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