Think of a name…?

Posted: August 8, 2012 in Blogging

Dear readers,

Thinking of changing the name of this blog…Silent thoughts seems just old and out of place now. Have any suggestions? I have a few…go on let me know what you think?

  1. Nidhi says:

    i liked silent thoughts …

  2. Smita says:

    None of these, Maddies Mad Musings??? *don’t hit me?* πŸ˜€

  3. techie2mom says:

    I like Silent Thoughts too!!! But if you have to change it then Maddies Musings sounds good…

  4. Jas says:

    No mad musings please… too much of musings all around… and what’s wrong with silent thoughts? It is nice..

  5. Titaxy says:

    I like Silent Thoughts…has a nice ring to it, really. πŸ™‚

  6. vilu says:

    Maguire.I think it is a good name.

  7. My Era says:

    I like silent thoughts and among the others I voted for Maddie’s musings πŸ˜€

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