Puzzle time and some reading

Kiddo’s puzzles…all containing Thomas and his friends. 🙂

In other news: Am currently reading Faceless Killers by Swedish author Henning Mankell…the Kurt Wallander series.  The series are famous and the book has won Glass Key award given to crime writers in Nordic countries.

I picked it up as I was excited to read a new author and mystery based in Sweden. Something new, something exciting. The premise is interesting but am having a hard time finding the motivation to keep reading because am halfway through the book and nothing is happening. After reading a couple of pages, am turning to another book just to pep up.

Perhaps it’s the kind of book that takes up speed in the later half. Am not sure. So far I am not hooked.

Has anybody read it? What do you think?

8 thoughts on “Puzzle time and some reading

  1. Well It’s quite surprising and disappointing to hear that a mystery novel hasn’t got you gripped till half of it has already been read 😦
    I read a murder mystery this weekend and have decided to stay off murder/ crime stories for it is still hanging in my mind full on 😦
    Good luck with the book…haven’t heard about it before.

  2. Vaish

    I haven’t heard about this book Maddie..Although I have come across similar genre of novels…if you are not motivated enough to read them, I suggest you to leave reading books for 2 or 3 days..then resume back to the book..but don’t start with another novel, without completing this…

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