Places I want to visit before I leave Edinburgh

There’s only one month left before I leave Edinburgh and I couldn’t be more sad. I haven’t lived in many different cities but this has been the experience so far. It is also the longest I have ever stayed put post marriage.

I honestly don’t think I would find any other city as exciting and lovely as Edinburgh.

Living here alone with my husband and kid has helped me grow personally. In India, we lived with my in-laws and living in a joint family has a sense of security. You know people are always there for you and you can fall back on them for any troubles and fears. Abroad, you are totally alone and independent. When we came here 2 years back, I always had the fear that I am alone with my kid for the entire day in a totally new place. Now I take him to his playgroup, play centres and am even contemplating taking him to dinner when husband is out on his office trip.

This place has also seen many of my first cooking experiences, from baking cakes to biryani, from pasta to dosa, from various chutney to schezuan sauce. Managing finances, planning holidays, map reading, trying new restaurants and new dishes, I have learnt it all. I wonder if I would got these important experiences back in India, probably not.

Apart from these personal experiences, this place holds many emotional moments and important milestones of my son. His first steps near the living room window, his first walk in the garden, first words, first playgroup, first experience with snow and snowfall, first books, first library certificates. It’s going to be so difficult to leave this place leaving behind all these important memories.

Edinburgh is known as the ‘Athens of the North’. Living in the second top travel destination in UK has its advantages – you are living in one of the most beautiful capitals of Europe and you are surrounded by stunning locations and landmarks.

Some of the experiences that I want to relive:

Walk down the Princess street:
The heart of Edinburgh – the central street and the main shopping street. The mile long street with the Edinburgh Castle and Princess Street garden on one side and shops on the other. In August during festival time, it’s packed with tourists from all around the world. It is the best place to be during Christmas with its German markets, fairs and fireworks.

Even though I have been on the Princess Street numerous time, I want to go again to breathe in the air and capture the essence of Edinburgh. And when am on Princess street, I might just take a turn and walk up to Royal Mile.

Calton Hill:
It’s in the city centre, a short climb at the end of Princess street. I have been to the top of Calton Hill once and it is usually a quiet place. It offers fantastic panoramic views of the city including the Princess street and Edinburgh Castle. You can also see the slopes of Holyrood park, Arthur’s Seat and cliffs of Salisbury Crags. The unfinished monument – the Athenian acropolis makes for great climbing.

Edinburgh Castle:
Set across from the Princess Street, Edinburgh Castle is at the heart of the Scottish capital. How many other capitals can pride themselves with that?

The castle itself has many attractions but what holds my interests are the spectacular panoramic views it offers of Edinburgh.

Forth Rail Bridge:
The boat trip from Forth Bridge is itself exciting and the massive railway bridge is a sight to behold. I have been on the boat trip before and seen the bridge from it. Now I want to travel by train over it.

Portobello Beach:
It’s perhaps the nearest beach from Edinburgh, just 3 miles form the city centre. It is very clean and has a beautiful long promenade. The kiddo enjoys a lot playing in the sand and running on the promenade.










Here are a few things that I haven’t done so far but wish to do at least once before I leave:

Visit the National Museum of Scotland:
It’s one of the must visit attractions on tourism sites. Also, I can’t remember the last time I visited a museum.

Walk up to Arthur’s seat:
I have been to Holyrood Park many times but haven’t climbed up to Arthur’s seat. Again it is one of the must do thing and also I want to see the views it offers from the top.

Go up the Scott Monument:
Numerous times I have been to the Princess street gardens but haven’t seen the Scott Monument from inside. The kiddo was small and we couldn’t carry the pram up the 300 odd steps of the monument and then we always ignored it in search of better spots and locations. Will go now.

Take a Ghost Tour:
Again, we couldn’t take the kiddo to a ghost tour. Now that I have my parents visiting us, I intend to take one probably the scariest one is possible.

Take a walk/cycle route:
Edinburgh is famous for its long walks around canals, hills, castles and bridges. I want to go on a long walk or a cycle ride and experience the laid back way of life.


12 thoughts on “Places I want to visit before I leave Edinburgh

  1. Amit

    I understand the feeling completely. When we left Manchester I had a lump in my throat. We spent our first year of marriage there. There were so many memories…
    And you should go to Arthur’s seat. The view there is amazing. And when you come back down, take a circular path. There is a way back from the middle of the mountain. Its something like a valley.
    There is a ghost tour outside Waverly Bridge Station. Its good, especially the last part when you are hanged. And have you visited “Our dynamic Earth”? It’s good for children and there is a show in the dome which is amazing. Don’t miss it.
    I hope you have visited all the attractions on the Royal mile? Camera Obscura? Scotch Whiskey Experiance?
    I think I should stop. 🙂

    1. Maddie Post author

      I have the lump in my throat from the past couple of months. It is only my practical side that is keeping me from bawling my eyes out and wailing I don’t want to go…. 😦
      Arthur seat – will check out the route for sure.
      Ghost tour – they hang you??? Must definitely try! 🙂
      I was in two minds about Dynamic earth, but now that you recommend it I will definitely try to go.
      Royal mile – check, camera obscura – check, scotch whiskey experience – no, but we visited a distillery and have tried various single malt scotch whiskeys.. 😀

      1. Amit

        They don’t actually hang you. 🙂 I should not tell you because then there won’t be any fun.
        I’ll tell you the location though. When you come out of Waverley Bridge station, go towards your left. There is one at the corner.
        Your son will definitely enjoy Dynamic Earth. It’s mainly for children and it is very well laid out.

        1. Maddie Post author

          There’s a big road work for tram going on on Princess Street. Most of the street is closed down with road diverts and all. Will have to find out now where exactly this tour begins.

  2. Vaish

    Aww.I can so understand that Maddie. I had a same feeling when I left zurich. It’s just we want to revive our memories and visit every single lane with walked along! They sure are the most beautiful treasures! I’m sure you’ve been to most of these places…Do add Crammond Island to your list…its a lovely place..And Arthur’s Seat…you definitely can’t miss it!

    1. Maddie Post author

      Yessss…You should visit Edinburgh especially during summer and festival times. It is absolutely gorgeous!!! We are shifting to Peterborough in Cambridgeshire…a very low key place a small town actually and perhaps a lot more dull compared to Edinburgh. 😦

  3. Smita

    I can understand why you are feeling so, in a way you have rediscovered yourself here!!!

    Coming back to India?


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