Mummy kehti hai bada naam karega…

My son just finished his second colouring book. He has shown patience to complete a whole a page before jumping on to the next, ability to keep the colours within the lines and has torn only 2 of the 15 pages – a vast improvement from the previous one which is lying in shreds somewhere in the dark recesses of and beneath the sofa.

When you are young life is so beautiful around you. Everyone appreciates you, motivates you and makes you think that you can achieve almost anything if you put your mind to it. You feel anything and everything is possible for you. You just need to walk out of the door of your house and there’s a whole world of possibilities out there for you to grab.

Such are the thoughts that I get when I look at my son.

Possibilities. Adventures. Opportunities. Bright future.

Life is very beautiful for him right now he can turn it any which way he prefers.

In this last year he has learned so many new things and diverse activities that given the opportunity and infinite resources at his disposal, any activity of his can be considered as a serious career opportunity. This is another manifestation of our unachievable ambitions and dreams. Here are a few that are at the top of our minds:

Artist/Painter: The colouring book number 2. Just yesterday he coloured for an hour. Continuously. He was even humming to himself during that time. I agree he gets confused between light blue and dark blue and most often the clouds are red instead of grey but then he can always paint a modern art. Here are his masterpieces:

While we are talking about modern art, check out few of his samples. I mean do you really think he should give up on such talent?

Greeting card for Mother's Day
Painting at playgroup
Clouds and sky - another painting at playgroup

He loves to draw on his erasable slate. From son, moon – sorry moon crescent to smileys, fridge, mobile, Tom and Jerry. He can even draw himself and my ma ki nazar can make out an uncanny resemblance. Once he even drew a fat dad and a thin mum who oddly resembled a long thin broomstick. My son is very talented I tell you.

The Smiley
Self Portrait

Travel and living: Not travelling in Mumbai and living in suburbs. That’s horrible. This is more like what they show on the Discovery channel. This one is also a secret ambition of my husband, an alternate career if you like. Since coming to Scotland, we have been on many trips – Amsterdam, London, highlands for short trips and many day outings and the son has enjoyed it. As long as he is outside the house he is happy. On weekends, when the kiddo wakes up and realises that Daddy is at home, he asks, ‘Where are we going today?’ He has his daddy’s genes. The husband can never stay at home for an entire day. He has to go out even if it is for grocery shopping or just to take a walk. The son is the same. The husband is enchanted with the Discovery channel and can watch it for hours specially the programmes in which  the host travels to exotic locations. You get the idea.

Modelling: This ambition is nurtured by the kiddo’s grandpa, my Father-in-law. Bachpan se, the kiddo’s looks have been compared to that of Ranbir Kapoor. I don’t know what the connection is. He doesn’t look like Ranbir and I for one had a crush on Rishi. Anyway, I have been told that my FIL had this ambition for one of his nephews as well who he thought looked like some good-looking actor at the time. The FIL’s further secret ambition is to be his Manager. No comments. Here’s our model for you:

The model in a stylish camera friendly pose

Chef: Cause, let’s face it cook is just mediocre. This again I believe has been the secret ambition of my hubby’s and since the kiddo shows some excitement about what’s cooking, we now have daydreams about his becoming a Chef. Not SRK in Duplicate, more like Jamie Oliver. Oh how my daughter-in-law would bless me!

Singer: ‘The wheels on the bus’ has close to 50 odd versions if not more. Did any of you know that? It’s been more than a year now and this is still the kiddo’s favourite song. It is played on Youtube throughout the day and when it’s not playing on Youtube, the kiddo is singing it. At the top of his voice. The best part? I have to do the actions for round and round, beep beep beep etc etc every time he sings it! He definitely has the sur and taal.

Dancer: He also has the laya. Apart from jumping around in circles and some other dance steps, he has perfected Dev Anand‘s walk! Dev Anand style walking he says. Now Dev Anand has been my first crush ever since I saw Paying Guest. Husband doesn’t like him, never did and makes fun of me every time I sit down and drool over his songs. The son doesn’t know who Dev Anand is – but he vaguely considers Ganesha to be Dev Anand – it’s the Dev in it, I think. The husband doesn’t want Dev Anand to be his dancing inspiration and idol and I am just happy that he picks up the beat for ‘beep beep beep from Wheels on the bus’ and can clap 3 times on it. Perhaps I should show the kiddo the song ‘Khoya khoya chaand‘. I haven’t yet told my husband that I sometimes secretly dream of enrolling the son for Kathak classes. 🙂

Acting: He sure can act and on cue. He knows when to throw tantrums, when to make that baby face that makes us go awwww.. and has perfected the tear faced look – when his eyes are filled with tears but not a single drop drops and his face looks dejected and saddened. What else do you need – dancing and singing along with acting! He is a boy wonder.

Writer/Composer: This child prodigy of mine has composed a song of three lines. I mean that’s something. And no, he poem is not like Rosesh’s. He has even composed a tune for it. I have already started nudging him to write a story because let’s accept it, most people like to read novels instead of poetry. At bed time though he does compose some short stories to tell us so I have hope.

Footballer: This is another one in his long list of passions. He loves to play football. In the house. He cannot bend it like Beckham as yet but he makes it up in speed and accuracy. He knows just how to kick the ball in the air and aim it at the ceiling lights without breaking a single bulb. That’s timing and accuracy. He can even aim it at the TV without breaking the glass. Seriously football it is for him!

Cricketer: He already has the timing, you know placing the ball and all. He doesn’t play cricket with the huge football. He likes the small tennis ball. My only disappointment is that he is a left handed batsmen, I would have liked him to be a right-handed batsman but then I guess that’s too much of expectation!

Seriously, why would you want to be an engineer, doctor, teacher or an IT professional when you have such brilliant talents and glamorous career options. Besides, those are just jobs and these are careers, mind you. That’s why I have excluded them.

So, you have any unfulfilled wishes that you want to intimidate your child with? 🙂

14 thoughts on “Mummy kehti hai bada naam karega…

  1. What? No doctor or engineer??? 😛 Those drawings are beautiful…and it’s great that he shows such versatility! Encourage him Maddie and it’s great that you aren’t one of those parents who thinks it has to be medicine/engineering/law!

    1. I don’t mind whatever career he chooses PB, but as kids grow up their career choices may get narrowed down due to problems or restrictions. This post is just to remind me that as a kid you have so many options. 🙂

  2. Smita

    Defence forces/?? Till date I regret that it did not even cross my mind!! So I will surely be telling my boy about it 😀

    And modelling sounds good, he has lovely eyes 😀

    And Yes he paints well, I specially liked the Mothers Day card 🙂

    1. I am not so sure about defence forces Smita. He still gets scared when I turn on the mixer grinder. 🙂 And thanks, he does have beautiful eyes. The made the greeting card at his playgroup of course with the direction of his teachers. 🙂

  3. It’s true that people like stories more than poems. I am glad someone mentioned it, as I came across quite a few poems today that did not make any sense to me! Beautiful paintings – Very imaginative…

    Destination Infinity

  4. Yes, I agree. The chioces are very few when they grow up. And add up the fact that the pressure of your studies will not lessen if you choose to become a painter. It will be an added responsibility without any breather. I think its a bit easier outside India but I am not sure. Have you thought of settling abroad?
    Keep those painting books. If he becomes a superstar after 20 years, they will keep him grounded. 🙂

    1. Superstar!! ha ha ha 😀 I can’t imagine but yea I have kept all of his drawings and crafts. I agree…arts, crafts and any other hobby you might have is considered as an addition to your studies…it is ‘extra-curriculum’. What I have gathered so far from living here is that kids are left alone to make their choices. It is not until they turn 5 years that they are taught to write and read which has its pros and cons.
      Haven’t yet considered settling abroad.. 🙂

  5. Your son is very cute…loved that picture 🙂
    I loved his artwork and that you are encouraging him discover all he loves doing. Posts like these will serve as a sweet reminder of all the talents and interests he develops over time 😀
    I liked the title of this post 😀

  6. Vaish

    It’s good to see children these days wanted to become painter/dancer/singer instead of the same old doctors and engineers and MBAs..we have enough of them! Loved the colorings, and the card he made. The headfone and his self portrait brought a little smile on me! He is so cute! You will have a huge responsibility afer 10 years — of shooing away the girls who run behind this handsome!

    1. Hee hee…thanks Vaish! 🙂 Shooing away the girls..hmmm..still a long time for that..but then hubby wouldn’t mind the kiddo being chased by girls 🙂

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