Platform 9 3/4

Yours truly on her way to Hogwarts

The Harry Potter fans will know what I am talking about. Yes, we finally found it at King’s Cross station.

In the film though it was not shot at this location. In fact, there is no platform between lines 9 and 10 at King’s Cross. These two platforms are separated by railway lines. The exterior shots in the film are that of St. Pancras station which is adjacent to King’s Cross. However on platform 8 of King’s Cross you will find a cast iron Platform 9¾ sign, complete with a luggage trolley stuck halfway through the wall as a tribute to the film.

Queue of tourists for taking photos

Would people be so organised and disciplined in India?


5 thoughts on “Platform 9 3/4

    • I know PB, I know 🙂
      Do you know there’s a Harry Potter studio tour opening in London this year? authentic sets where the films were shot.

  1. Well, at the St.Pancras station, I have made a headlong dash to catch a West Midlands train that was leaving for Nottingham, in just the same manner as Simran ran to catch her Eurostar. 🙂 Though this one ended with no Raj on the other side, so I huffed and puffed with a backpack and convinced the guy at the ticket checking stile to let me take the next one, coz it wasn’t my freaking fault in the first place. 🙂 If you get a chance, you must stand by uncle Sherlock at 221B, Baker Street, if you are based in London..:)

  2. Wow..that’s cool. I’ve been to St.Pancras…
    Had this been India, they would be rushing as if they are on running competition! Like how they rush at Tirupathi for a darshan!

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