Where had I been?

I have been regularly missing this space. But I would try to here more often now.

So an update about family first. My son is now comfortable in playgroup. His dad goes to drop him and I pick him up. He is excited to go every day and wakes up early without complaint.

As for me, I thought I would get some time for myself and I can do activities like going to the library, maybe catch an early morning show, perhaps even go shopping. Who was I kidding? I have been more busy now than ever. The time that kiddo spends in playgroup, I spend in frantic household chores. Cooking, cleaning, laundry! One hour from my morning is spent in picking him up from playgroup and coming back home. Yeah, I got busy and I still don’t have me time. 😦

In other sad new, my grandma took another fall and got her other thigh bone broken early Sunday morning. She was operated and is still in hospital.

In further sad news, our visa expires in April. We have no idea yet whether hubby will find more projects and our visa would get extended. I so so want to continue our stay here. This place is the longest we have stayed together after marriage, the place where kiddo took his first step, said his first words, even started school. And no doubt this place is absolutely positively beautiful. I think we haven’t explored half of Edinburgh, let alone Scotland. We both are collectively anxious and nervous. Please do pray for us.

On a small positive note, my FIL has started a blog. Here’s the link. Do visit and comment. Thanks 🙂

2 thoughts on “Where had I been?

  1. So sad to hear about ur granny! Here’s wishing her a speedy recovery 🙂

    And if u want the Visa’s to get renewed they will, trust me 🙂

    And I love the header of ur blog 🙂

    And yes I went thru ur FIL’s blog, he sounds sweet 🙂

    1. Thanks Smita 🙂 She is back home now and resting! 🙂
      We have a lot of to-do things on our list so the Visa has to get extended!!
      Am glad you liked the header, I made it myself 🙂
      And yes, FIL is one sweet person!! :))

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