My resolution for the New Year…

is to say ‘No’ to New Year’s resolutions!

You either love them or hate them…those resolutions that everyone makes and talks about for at least 2 weeks: a week before New Year’s eve and 1 week post the New Year’s Day. By the 2nd – 3rd week of Jan, the resolve starts to dwindle and motivation fades. It would be a good guess that by now you all are falling short of motivation and your resolves are dwindling out.

Looking ahead to a new year is like gazing across a field of freshly fallen snow – it appears clean and flush with opportunities to pick a new path. So you are pumped up with motivation for the new year especially the first couple of months – Jan and Feb when there is no holiday on the calendar. You need something to go on and resolutions might seem like a good enough excuse.

But that’s all they are. By the last week of January you are already burdened by that darn list that you blogged about and twitted in your drunken stupor during the New Year party.

You realise you have exercised only 1 day for only half of the scheduled time before you went to flex your muscles in front of the mirror. The house is still a mess. All you have managed to organise is the list of chores and colour coded it assigning importance and urgency.

You have smoked a hell lot more in your anxiety to get on with the resolutions and then you remembered that you decided to quit smoking this year. Now that one went straight out of the window.

You realised that to spend more time with your friends and family you need more money and for that you need to spend more time in the office than with them cause you want to spend time with family in style, on a cruise, go on a holiday etc. and sitting on a couch watching TV doesn’t count as ‘family time’.

By the time you have figured this all out half the year has already passed. No one ever talks about resolutions by the middle of the month!

According to Mayan prophecy the world is going to end by 2012. So why make resolutions when we all are going to die in a few months? Why not eat the chocolates, drink the beer and wine and hang out instead of working out?

Don’t get saddled with those resolutions. Cheer up with these for starters:

Get cosy: It cold out there – even in a city like Mumbai. When smart creatures can hibernate, so can you. Take comfort in warmth of your home, snuggle deeper into your blankets with a bottle of wine.

Enjoy your free time: away from annoying relatives. The holidays are just over. Revel in the respite from forced family merriment! 🙂

Beat the winter blues: You are obviously exhausted with cooking the holiday feast and entertaining guests. Now relax. Delay household chores. Think of dust as snow. Sip your coffee and watch your kids make dust angels. If you must go for grocery shopping, then think of it as buying gifts for your entire family. Non-starving is the best gift of all.

Indulge: You may find it hard to believe but scientific results have proved that dark chocolate is good for health. So treat yourselves to a bar now. Red wine contains antioxidants and it is good for your health.

So raise a glass to red wine and enjoy!


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