Christmas in Edinburgh

A week after we arrived in Edinburgh, I ventured outside for the first time yesterday, apart from the trips we made to the grocery store. The winter this year is much more tolerable with temperatures ranging within 5 to 12 degrees. There has been no snowfall this year at least not in our region and that makes travelling easier.

Edinburgh is I think one of the best places to celebrate Christmas. You can feel the excitement all around you. Everyone you meet is smiling and there is definitely some magic in the air. I half expected to see Santa flying over the Ice Rink above the dormant trees in the Princess Street Gardens yesterday.

The German Christmas Market stalls are very popular and sell a variety of classic and contemporary gifts as well as a range of German food and drink including sausages, fried potato cakes, German Beer and the famous Glühwein commonly knows as Mulled Wine.

The kiddo had a lot of fun on the rides. We were surprised that he wasn’t afraid to sit in the Giant Wheel. Some pictures from yesterday…

Chocolate Waffles - Yummy!!
Mulled Wine - served warm!
German Markets
Crowd around the market stalls
View of the Ice Rink from top of the Giant Wheel
The kiddo on the car ride - all smiles
Boat + Water = Smug Kiddo!
Children's rides
A glassful of Mulled Wine

These buses were warm and cozy on the inside. You could grab a large slice of Pizza and mulled wine and make yourselves comfortable on the chairs and tables inside the bus!


So how did you spend your Christmas???

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

6 thoughts on “Christmas in Edinburgh

  1. Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas and the photos are wonderful too Maddie. My Christmas was good too…enjoyed the morning by the beach, then had a nice lunch, an afternoon snooze and then a big Christmas dinner with a few close friends…

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