Since am on vacation…

…am indulging myself!

The kiddo is now doing fine. The dysentery nightmare got over within 4-5 days.

I went shopping yesterday, leaving the kiddo back at home. We shopped in the nearby area just in case the kiddo didn’t stay with my parents. I was a bit worried about him whether he would stay without me for a few hours. I shouldn’t have worried, he played, ate and slept without me! Now I am determined to go shopping and on outings at farther locations 🙂

I watched Pride and Prejudice last night. Again. For the Firth time, sorry fifth time. Come on, am on vacation, at least that is the excuse I am using to watch it again.

To further the pleasure, I am reading The Floating Admiral written by the Detection Club which includes Agatha Christie. Readers who have been a regular to this blog would know of my fascination with Christie. None of my vacations, holidays or day offs are complete without a Christie book. In fact, I shall confess that I only need excuses to pick up another book and re-read it.

What’s bliss for you?


4 thoughts on “Since am on vacation…

      1. Officially only began to enjoy it yesterday. We’ve been having a lousy summer Maddie…rain and cold weather! It was finally warm and sunny yesterday and keeping fingers crossed it continues…

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