Back in Mumbai…

….after more than a year! From 15 degrees to 30 degrees. We started sweating the moment we put our foot outside the airport. Luckily, no rains.

Am I being paranoid or has the traffic still increased in the past one year? Shantanu and I were greeted with heat and dust (nothing new here) but after a year it feels yucky! I may sound like those NRIs who come to India after a short time and start cribbing about things all around. But it is in fact the situation, we do live in filthy conditions. This becomes all the more glaring after staying in a lovely clean city.

I did recognize all the landmarks on my way on the Western express highway but I also came across so many new constructions! Where is the space? The uneven roads, bumper to bumper traffic, honking, dust, almost running over someone at high speed….all so familiar but so sad at the same time.

My hubby asked me to analyse the experience of returning to Mumbai and come to some kind of informed decision about whether we should return to Mumbai permanently or stay abroad. Apart from the emotional bonds with our families and relatives, there is really nothing that makes me want to stay back here. Life abroad is monotonous but so so easy!

About our travel, sonny was an angel! I was somewhat dreading our journey, managing him on my own for such a long flight. He slept through most of the journey and seems to have adopted pretty well with his grand-parents. He is awestruck with the ceiling fans – it’s a new concept for him and fascinated with the autos and open door buses! His curiosity has achieved new levels and he has questions about each and everything in the household.

Well, this is just the first day and am still jet lagged drowsy yet vividly awake.

Very excited about this trip though.


7 thoughts on “Back in Mumbai…

    • Welcome here!

      Boring or otherwise, I would rather stay in Borivli than any other part of Mumbai. Cleanliness is one of the reasons that I have loved staying in Edinburgh. It’s the most beautiful city I have lived in so far. Even though the weather is extreme, I have loved it. Have loved the seasons and the changes in weather. It is refreshing from the constant heat of Mumbai. I can rant on and I am eager to go back! πŸ™‚

  1. Oh you are going to cop some flak for being so NRI-ish! πŸ™‚ I got some critical comments on my blog when I complained about the driving in Bombay earlier this year. But yeah, I almost feel like if my parents and sis weren’t there, I probably wouldn’t even visit! And the pollution is even more prominent as you said when you have lived away. My body can vouch for that as I fall sick 24 hours after landing in Bombay.

    • I know! I never thought I would talk so disapprovingly of Mumbai, my own city. But then I guess when you experience a better lifestyle that agrees with you and once you get accustomed to the comforts of it and realise how good you day to day life can be, it is difficult to go back. The roads are filled with pits and potholes. This year’s monsoon has worsened them. The tiny places that were empty last time I saw, are filled with new buildings, malls or are under construction.

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