Weekend with Yashraj films

We got a new Blue Ray player sometime last week. For the lack of good movies on TV, we decided to watch some Yash Chopra ones that my parents had left us from their Europe trip last year. We watched Bachna Aye Haseeno, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge and Chandni.

Here are some afterthoughts:

  • Then: Rishi is so handsom and charming. Now: Rishi Kapoor is far more charming and handsome even with his shirt sweater on. Compared to Ranbeer obviously.
  • Then: When I saw it in theatre 16 years ago, I only noticed Shah Rukh’s dimples. Now: In the song, Ho gaya hai tujhko toh pyaar sajana, Shah Rukh is not driving through London. There are no alps in London. Snow-clad or otherwise.
  • Watching Sridevi and Rishi Kapoor dance together is like listening to any Lata-Rafi song. Both, Lata and Rafi sing so well that it is difficult to concentrate on either and you cannot enjoy the song for the overwhelming beauty of it. It is so much better to listen to Lata and Mukesh sing, where Lata rules as usual in complexity and Mukesh is as simple and plain as a line. Similarly, Rishi and Sridevi dance so well that it is difficult to concentrate on both of them. At a time. Together.
  • Then: Every time I watched Chandni or for that matter Lamhe, when I was a kid, I always lusted after Sridevi’s dresses, tresses, sarees, practised her dance moves to perfection and wanted to be like her in every sense. I even mimicked her squeaky voice. Now: I noticed Rishi’s sweaters. After 40, I gave up counting.
  • Sridevi looks far too better in the white dress in Tandav dance than Juhi. I guess everyone agrees with that.
  • I decided that I would always want to watch Kajol in DDLJ than Deepika in Bachna Aye Haseeno or Deepika in whatever movie. My hubby disagrees.

You find any changes in your perception after watching movies after a decade? Do tell.

One thought on “Weekend with Yashraj films

  1. Am totally with you on the last point.

    And for me Chandni is all about the lovely chiffon sarees which Srivdevi had worn in the 2nd half nd the lovely pearls!!! simply wow!

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