The ABC Tag

Picked this tag from Psych Babbler. Here goes..

– Available: Depends. What for? 
– Age: On the border of 30 😦
– Animals: None that I own

– Beer: Sipped occasionally from dad’s glass…
– Birthday: First week of August
– Best friend: More than just one but all special in their own ways
– Body Part on opposite sex: Eyes
– Best feeling in the world: Hot breath of my son against my cheeks when he sleeps, make me feel awwww …
– Best weather:Winter in India, Spring/Summer in Edinburgh 🙂
– Been in Love: Yes! Who hasn’t?  
– Been on stage: Yes (dance groups and centre stage in school functions…while performing for Kathak exams..sigh…miss those days!
– Believe in Magic: Been a long time for that, but have fleeting memories of being charmed and at times delusional so yeah!
– Believe in Santa: Nope. Really scary that! Have you seen any kid smiling up at him??  
– Brand: None favourite

– Candy: Never liked it.
– Colour: Brown
– Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate
– Chinese/Indian/Italian: If it’s food then Indian
– Cake or pie: Cake…chocolate cake!
– Cheese: Never liked the taste of it! [yeah, even I don’t understand it either]

– Day or Night: Cannot function without my morning cup of I guess Night
– Dancing in the rain: Icky!

– Eyes: Big
– Ever failed a class?: Failed a mathematics exams in year 11
– Enemies: Lots probably cause I stood up for myself and what I believed in.
– Exercise: Never done it but will start..sometime.. in future..

– First thoughts waking up: Is the kiddo awake yet?
– Food: Picky!

– Greatest Fear: Losing loved ones
– Goals: Getting into my work field again..some day
– Get along with your parents: Yep…more so now since we are staying apart! 

– Hair Color: Brown
– Happy: Happy and content
– Holiday: Every day is a holiday!

– Ice Cream: Always, anytime, anywhere with lots of chocolate

– Jewelry: Rings! But not worn them since Kiddo was born. 😦
– Job: Full time mum and homemaker..

– Kids: Just one 🙂
– Kickboxing or karate: Karate but only because we had to learn it compulsorily in school!
– Keep a journal?: Yeah.. you are reading it!

– Love: Unselfish
– Laughed so hard you cried: Yeah…used to..but not anymore..


– Milk flavour: Coffee again!
– Movies: Mystery/thriller/suspense and sometimes romcom
– Motion sickness: Not really
– McDonald’s or BK: BK? If it’s Burger King then definitely McD but not a huge fan of fast food in general.

– Number: of what?

– One wish: Wish I could write a post about it!

– Perfect Pizza: With spicy chicken or if veg, then lots of chillies and spices!
– Pepsi/Coke: Pepsi! Isn’t that the right choice baby? and dil always mange more!
– Perfume/Cologne: Perfume!

– Quail: Funny but no!

– Reason to cry: Easily
– Reality T.V : Pathetic but entertaining!
– Radio Station: None favourite

– Song: Lata Mangeshkar and ghazals.. oldies..
– Shoe size: 4!
– Salad Dressing: Salads?? me? really? 
– Skinny dip: Only in the bath tub… hee hee 🙂
– Strawberries/Blueberries : Blueberry! anytime 
– Sport: Tennis…Wimbledon better!

– Tattoos: Will never get one.
– Thunderstorms: Good to watch in movies!

– Unpredictable: Nothing…

– Vacation spot(s): I am living in the best vacation spot right now…

– Weakness: Emotional
– Who makes you laugh the most: Kristan Higgins
– Worst Weather?: Rains and snow

– X-Rays: Routine only

-Year it is now: 2011
-Yellow: Dirty Fellow

– Zoo animal: Gorilla