Diary Of A Baby

Got this in the mail today, early morning. 

*Diary of a BABY*

17Jun:I am tissue

30Jun:Mom told Dad, ur goin 2 b father
           MOM-DAD R VRY Hppy!

15Jul:My fud is wht mum eats

15Sep:Can feel ma heartbeat

14Oct:I hv little hands,legs,head a stomach

13Nov:2day i was ultrascaned
           Wow!I AM A GIRL

14Nov:I was DEAD! My mom n dad killed me

Jst coz i was a girl?
ppl luv 2 hv Mother,Wife,a Girlfriend TOO

Then Y not DAUGHTER???:-(


I had assumed it must be something funny or emotional before I began reading it, but then this caught me unaware and just saddened me. 😦


5 thoughts on “Diary Of A Baby

  1. Sad but true, isn’t it? Imagine if our parents had done that…most of us bloggers wouldn’t be here. Scarily, I think the country will only learn when eventually they will realise without a woman, there is no way to reproduce. Even a boy.

    • The question is, when will they realise. The sex ratio is already skewed is what we were told in school. Even in today’s society among the so called educated class, the mind set is still the same. A boy is required to carry on the family name. I am proud of those people who have a daughter as their only child and are still proud.

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