Ye kaha aa gaye hum…

Tulip, 2005 Floriade, Canberra

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..yuhi saath saath chalte..shiffon sarees, a dozen bangles, sparkling earrings and stylish got the picture? Think about all the heroines in Yash Chopra movies running through the fields of blossoming tulips with the fragrant breeze blowing through their hair in an oh so lovely way. Just for this sole purpose I wish I hadn’t trimmed my tresses, not that they were like Rekha prior to the cut but still a gal’s got to dream, ain’t she?

And so here I am packing my bags with chiffon sarees, no no ragged jeans, dull sweaters and baby food for our trip to Amsterdam next week. Why-O-why didn’t Chopra show these blissfully married couples dancing in tulip fields along with a baby in strollers or maybe even twins? I know why – the couple didn’t have babies yet or if they had, they would be with their nannies! When I return, you all get to see (bear it!) the post-life of yash chopra’s loving couple with the toddler and stroller and nappies and you get the idea? Right.

I wonder if sonny will take our snaps while I give hubby the moon-eyed look? Or maybe I should run toward hubby while pushing the pram as Shantanu opens his arms wide enough to hug hubby as Tujhe dekha toh yeh jana sanam runs in the background!

So you get it that we are off to Amsterdam, or you want me to elaborate? Now, let me go pack those Rishi Kapoor style sweaters of hubby. Rang bhare baadal se.. !!


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