It takes two..

Row row row your boat gently down the stream.. row!

So this was near our complex and it took us almost a year to find out. So much for checking out the good places! It was bright and sunny with a little breeze when we went rowing this last weekend. It was so much fun. Even though we had friends with us on the boat, it was hubby and I who took charge of the oars. It definitely isn’t as easy as it may look. We were perpendicular to the river most of the ride and it was only after many rotations that we got the hang of it if I may say so.
It’s much easier when one person is doing it but when it comes to two, communication is the key. We (hubby and I) had discussions, arguments, strategy etc. while enjoying (!) our one hour ride. Even the people passing us by were enjoying it all. It was a long, bumpy, adventurous ride.
No wonder we had a blast! 🙂 So how was your weekend?

2 thoughts on “It takes two..

  1. Smita

    Me nd hubby had once gone for boating in Jabalpur and the weather had worsened while we were in the river. It was scary i tell you!!!

    1. Maddie Post author

      Ha ha.. but did you enjoy? Our ride was getting scary at one time as we kept rotating and couldn’t go in any one direction 🙂


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