World Cup – Mastering the moment

Is it too late to talk about the world cup? Don’t think so. I may not remember everything that happened on Saturday, 2nd April, 2011. But here’s one thing I want to keep recorded. After we won, hubby and I were excitedly calling folks back home and sharing congratulations when sonny was fast asleep. Obviously oblivious to all that was happening around him, back in Mumbai. When he woke up a few minutes later, he started chanting for his food and continued with his routine. Life is so simple for him right now. Priorities straight and only two things such as lack of food and sleep make him upset.

These moments shall fast disappear and it won’t be like this in a couple of world cups. I might be banished from the room, food and hunger all forgotten as he anxiously watches the future world cups. Maybe am being too philosophical and I know there is still a long time for this to happen. But I want to cherish all these little moments before he gets caught up in the latest buzz and hep thing and starts thinking that there’s a generation gap between him and his mother instead of his best friend!

Oh and by the way, if, like me, you’ve been wondering what makes Dhoni such a superb captain, here’s an interesting piece:
“In Dhoni’s case, it appears confidence flows not from an arrogant belief that he is right. But in trusting his instinct for what that moment demands. So quietly he slips in among the troopers when Tendulkar is paraded around the ground, not even offering him his strong shoulders so the limelight isn’t shared. He punts on selections that confound the ‘experts’ and concedes them as mistakes even when they work out just fine…”


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